Creating Your Business Plan Made Easy!


Writing a business plan is really just a mechanical process.  The reason it seems so hard is most people haven't answered 2 critical questions before they start -- "what" and "why".  The first question "what" gives you the target that you're shooting … [Read more...]

Using Strategic Partners to Expand and Grow


How many of you think you don't have enough business?  Guess what, there are others among you that have said they have too much business!  These two predicaments are an excellent starting point to show the power of strategic partnering. A strategic … [Read more...]

4 Keys to Creating a Profitable Business


We’ve all heard the statistics: 7 out of 10 new employer firms survive at least two years, and about half survive five years.  According to the SBA statistic reported by SCORE in 2008 there were 627,200 new businesses, 595,600 business closures and … [Read more...]

3 Problems When “Shoestring Marketing”


There are 3 mistakes I consistently see small businesses make that cause them problems with their marketing.  These are not “shoestring marketing” specific, but their impact to performance is magnified when using “shoestring marketing” tactics. The … [Read more...]

High Impact – Using A Simple Plan


Have you ever heard the quote, “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there..?” If you have a business but don’t have a business plan you’re living this quote every day. That being said, it amazes me how many business owners … [Read more...]

Is Your Startup Focused on the Right Objectives?


Lately I have been involved with a number of startups, including a couple of my own.  One observation I have made is that many small business startup owners tend to focus later stages objectives rather than the early stage growth cycle objectives … [Read more...]

Avoiding Price Problems That Can Kill Your Business

Stacked PenniesPricing

In a previous post entitled Avoid Blowing Your Revenue Engine I showed you the importance of calculating your maximum capacity and how it can help you make better operational decisions.  Maximum Capacity is important to understanding where the sales … [Read more...]

First Step to Success – Creating Goals That Motivate


In my last post, No Man’s Land – Stuck Between Small Business Survival and Success, I shared the fact that while many small business owners have personal success they do not have business success.  This is because their small business relies on their … [Read more...]