Why So Many Small Business Owners are Unhappy


I have been doing some intensive thinking for marketing purpose this past week. In the process I stumbled upon an interesting realization about our target market – small business owners.  As I looked for what motivates our best prospects, I came to … [Read more...]

How a Change in Perspective Can Make All the Difference


Here is a great observation on what makes you successful in life and in business.  Chris Widener’s article Survivors and Thrivers! is a great comparison of how a small shift in perspective can make a big difference in your final outcome.  I wrote an … [Read more...]

10 Leadership Tips We All Can Learn From a Boy Scout


If you’re not leading your business, who is?  That’s a pretty obvious statement.  But, can you answer it yourself without doubt?  If you ask 10 people, “What is leadership?” you’ll get 10 different answers. While my 3 sons were growing up we found … [Read more...]