4 Owner Objectives to Achieve the Success Stage of Business Growth


Success is the common goal of every entrepreneur.  However each entrepreneur defines success very differently.  Whatever your definition some key criteria and decisions are needed before you can start. First, you must make sure you have already … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Why a Blog Should be Your Online Hub

Hub-and-Spoke Wagon Wheel

Recently, I met with a prospective client who reached out to me because she knew she “had to do something different” but wasn’t sure if he needed a new website, a Facebook Fan page or “that Twitter thing.” She’s a thought leader in her industry, … [Read more...]

Website or Blog? That is the Questions…


Website or Blog? We are often asked this question. Right behind it is frequently, “What about Facebook for business?” “How can I use Twitter to help my business?” or “Is online video right for my business?” These are important questions for … [Read more...]

Is Indecision Keeping You and Your Business from Success?

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The success stage of the small business growth cycle is a tipping point for your company but many entrepreneurs don’t even realize it.  In a previous post titled At What Stage is Your Small Business Growth? I discussed the major goal of each stage of … [Read more...]

8 Things You Can Do to Achieve the “Survival” Stage of Small Business Growth


In order to achieve success in any small business you must pass through several stages along the way.  You cannot skip a step.  Frequently business get stuck for just that reason.  The entrepreneur isn't aware of these stages therefore he/she is … [Read more...]

3 Ways Clear Vision Contributes to Your Business Growth

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Vision is passion documented.  And passion is a powerful motivator.  In a previous post titled Why So Many Small Business Owners are Unhappy, I discussed how many entrepreneurs get distracted by the day-to-day operation of the business and lose the … [Read more...]