5 Ways Social Media Can Make a Small Business Look BIG


Entrepreneurs these days are scratching their heads trying to decide if all the “buzz” about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the rest of the social channels are worth the effort.  Applied properly social media can level the playing field for a small … [Read more...]

Cash Flow: An Entrepreneur’s View

Cash Flow

  Cash flow is the life blood of any company.  But many entrepreneurs don’t understand the concept.  Most people believe it’s a financial term so they avoid it like the plague! What is cash flow?  About.com defines cash flow as “The … [Read more...]

12 Steps To Successful Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship is a goal to which many wish to aspire.  But, why do so many fall short?  In my 2 decades of helping small business owners to grow their business here are 12 things that I often see overlooked. 1. Know what you want personally … [Read more...]

Is Your Company READY to Achieve the Success Stage?


In my last post titled 4 Owner Objectives to Achieve the Success Stage of Business Growth we explored success stage.  I talked about the 4 areas that an entrepreneur/owner needed to focus in the following 4 areas for the business to achieve the … [Read more...]