How to Have Success – Getting Out of Your Own Way!


Recent activity in my consulting business has revolved around a number of start-up companies.  It has made me revisit the existence of the small business growth cycle once again.  One of the observation I that I wrote about in an earlier post titled … [Read more...]

What Do You Do When the Bank Won’t Finance Your Business?


Accounts Receivable Factoring Factoring may not be the world's oldest profession, but not far from it. This financial practice can be traced back to theRoman Empire. Factoring was the dominant form of finance in the American colonies before the … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Struggle Financially


Any entrepreneur will tell you one of the biggest issues that they struggle with is having enough financial resources to accomplish their business goal.  This is because a business cannot exist without this resource, but many businesses don’t have … [Read more...]

2 Ways to Eliminate Frustration with Your Business


This week I'm trying something NEW a video blog!!!  It's the first in a series of video we're doing with New Marketing Lighthouse alliance partners Rokosz Studios. Please share your thoughts so we can determine if this is a more effective method of … [Read more...]

#1 Reason Exit Planning Is So Critical When Starting Your Business

Exit Planning

One of the first questions I ask clients when I start working with them is “what is your strategy to exit your business?”  Most of them say “I don’t know” or more frequently “I am just getting started, why would I think about how I will exit my … [Read more...]