16 Questions That Can Help You Fix Stagnant Growth

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Stagnant growth is a result of a misfiring revenue engine.  In order to grow your business you must expand. The revenue engine is a concept DE, Inc created to explain how to evaluate the operational cash flow cycle of the business to small … [Read more...]

Poor Cash Flow – 5 Things That Could Be Causing It

Cash FLow water facet

Cash flow is a critical concept that many entrepreneurs don’t fully understand.  I believe this is because they usually hear about it from accountants that try to explain it in accounting terms.  Poor cash flow is an operational issue.  And, you fix … [Read more...]

2 Things Can Kill Your Profits

Profits Down

If your profits are not where you want them there is only 2 things that can be wrong – either you don’t have enough revenue and/or your expenses are too high!  Sorry to make it so simple, but it is!  Too frequently entrepreneurs overcomplicate the … [Read more...]

Is Your Revenue Underperforming?


Do You Know Why? Many entrepreneurs jump to the conclusion that because revenue levels aren’t where they want, it must be a sales problem.  While more times than not this is the case it may not be the only reason.  I bring this up because if you … [Read more...]