Five Ways Accepting Mobile Payments Helps Expand Your Business

Contributed by Jacob Thompson A mobile merchant account allows for a business to accept mobile payments through a cell phone or mobile device. Here are just five ways accepting mobile payments can help expand your business. 1. Billing Headaches … [Read more...]

Success Step One – Find Your Passion


You have probably heard the adage “the first step is the hardest.”  Nothing could be truer when it comes to success!  It’s the reason most people flounder or never reach their goals.  Because to get there you need to look within first, and define … [Read more...]

SUCCESS – 6 Steps That Get You There Faster!

Life Collage

Why Understanding Success is So Important Most people seek out the service of my company when they are frustrated.  While often they say it is their business, more often than not it’s because they haven't taken the time to define success for … [Read more...]

1 Simple Question Can Change You Into an Entrepreneur


I was at a networking event this morning for business transition planning.  The statistics were shocking as to how few small business owners really think about transition planning, or more traditionally referred to as exit planning. As the speaker … [Read more...]

3 Goals in the Correct Order Creates Business Growth


Business growth is a challenge for many small business owners.  I frequently find the reason for their struggle is they are focused on the wrong objective for their stage of business growth.  All small business owners should be focused on … [Read more...]