Small Business Growth Simplified

Small Business Growth Roadmap

The Small Business Growth Matrix was launched more than a year ago.  Since then I have written many posts about small business growth.  If you’ve been following, I hope you have learned a lot.  In applying the model day-to-day to clients, I too have … [Read more...]

What is Entrepreneurship?


For nearly a decade DE, Inc. has focused on helping small business owners prepare their businesses to operate without their direct day-to-day involvement.  We created an entire line of small business tools and small business training to assist with … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Get Your Business Growing Again

Watering Sweatpea Seedlings

All the small business economic trends according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) seem to be pointing to the fact that the economy is picking up.  And, businesses are beginning to focus on growing again. Have you built … [Read more...]

2 Entrepreneurial Competencies That Lead to Business Growth

Handing Off Baton

Several weeks back I wrote a post titled Entrepreneurs Build an Asset NOT Just a Job .  In it I began to present the difference between small business owners and entrepreneurs.   While there are many differences and similarities I find a key … [Read more...]