Excuse Me, What Is It You Can’t Do?

Breakthrough Thinking

Creating Success Means Getting Past Your Negative “Personal Speak” After last week’s leadership post titled “Do You Have the Courage to be the Leader Your Business Needs?” I’ve had a lot of conversations about the big part a small business owner’s … [Read more...]

Carrie’s Story – How To Get Past ANYTHING!

carrie on mic

When you have a dream, sometimes you have to let it go and change directions.  It is hard to do, but you need to look beyond the negative and look for the positive in your situation.  In the end you will come out better than you ever thought … [Read more...]

Do You Have the Courage to be the Leader Your Business Needs?

Leadership Courage

With the recent passing of Stephen Covey, of 7 Habits of Effective People fame, I have been in deep thought about the impact self-improvement has on leadership and business growth.  I was an early advocate of Covey’s model, as I felt it simplified a … [Read more...]

2 Skills Create Entrepreneurship on the Beach

Beach Business

Been at the beach for a short vacation this weekend and made a surprising observation. It doesn’t matter how big or small an establishment, if you think like an entrepreneur you can build a self-sustaining business!  What are the things that move a … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Growth is Hard for Small Business Owners

Struggling with Business Growth

If you are a small business owners struggling with the growth of your business there are 3 potential strategic factors that are keeping you from small business growth. Do you fully understand your desired personal outcome for your business? Do … [Read more...]

3 Questions You Must Answer to Successfully Exit Your Business

Business Exit

I attend a lot of meetings and seminars focused on exit planning.  But, most fall short because they only focus on the transactional portion of the process. In fact, if you follow the advice that I’ve been posting for more than 2 ½ years now, … [Read more...]