Double the Business Funding Potential of Your Growing Company

Financing Ahead

Getting business funding is always difficult.  But, add the banking challenges of recent years and it only makes it harder! The truth is banks are still lending.  And, there are many other sources of funding that can help you fund your business … [Read more...]

The 6 Step Success Process Re-Visited

Strategic Planning Framework Diagram

Last week in the post Will Your Business Grow This Year? I asked some very tough questions to get you thinking about what’s necessary to assure you’ll hit your business goals for this year.  Have you asked the questions yet?  And is your Q4 plan … [Read more...]

Leading to New Horizons of Success

Personal Change

Success is a destination that you define for your company.  It represents the vision of a new vista; a new horizon; a new set of possibilities for your business – a change.  That means you will need new skills and competencies.  You will need to … [Read more...]

Will Your Business Grow This Year? – Why or Why Not?

Business Growth Improves with Planning

Did your business grow this year?  Why or why not?  If growth was not a goal this year, will it be a goal next year? These are questions you should be asking yourself right now as we begin moving into the final quarter of the year.  The reason is … [Read more...]

Small Business Growth FACTS

Small Business Growth Facts

Here are some interesting facts that I have uncovered while researching my posts, e-Books, and  upcoming business book that are very revealing. Put yourself in the upper end of these categories by applying our strategic planning methodology. … [Read more...]