How to Make Your Marketing 10 Times More Effective!

Segment Your Target Marketing

OK, it’s been a while since I hit the topic of marketing, so I figured it was time again.  Plus, I read a pretty good article titled Small businesses use targeted marketing to contact specific customers It amazes me how many small business owners … [Read more...]

6 Step to Creating A High-Impact Growth Strategy

Business Growth Strategy

I have advocated for years that growing a small business is a defined and repeatable process.  The past few weeks I shared all the definitive research and available resource to support my premise. My hope is you now have an appreciation for the … [Read more...]

Finding Your Business’ Growth Stage!


Last week I set the stage for understanding contributing factors to growth.  Also, it’s important to understand what’s required in each of these factors changes as you move through the stage of growth. But if you don’t understand where you are … [Read more...]

Do You Know Your Business’ Growth Cycle Stage?

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This month’s focus is on the growth stages.  This is one of those critical topics that nobody really talks about. A business matures just like a person.  If left to chance you can see the level of maturity of people.  A business is no different. … [Read more...]