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Service Rep Helping Customer

I read a random post by an old friend on Facebook last night.  She’s not a big blogger.  But, her Facebook posts are always entertaining. So, when I saw that she had posted a blog.  I thought this should be a good laugh.  Nothing could have been … [Read more...]

3 Ways Personal Reflection Can Help You Grow Your Business


During this time of year most of us stop long enough to take a breath.  If you use this time correctly you can actual put your life and business on course for success.  You see it is in reflection that success is born, so use it to put yourself of … [Read more...]

10 Leadership Tips We All Can Learn From a Boy Scout


If you’re not leading your business, who is?  That’s a pretty obvious statement.  But, can you answer it yourself without doubt?  If you ask 10 people, “What is leadership?” you’ll get 10 different answers. While my 3 sons were growing up we found … [Read more...]

Walking the Talk

I hadn't planned on posting today.  But, as I posted the link below on my social network, I began to really think of how much my friend’s daily thought really impacts our ability to be good leaders.  Back in November I began receiving a daily … [Read more...]

Personal Change – Are You Holding Back Your Business?

Some of the most difficult work I do with small businesses is getting owners to embrace personal change. We ALL have strengths and weaknesses. It is usually the weaknesses that keep us from performing at our peak potential.  When these owner … [Read more...]