Cash Flow is KING: How to Monitor It Easily!

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While cash flow is a regular topic here, it's been a while since we hit the topic from a finance and accounting perspective.  While many small business owners find accounting to be tedious it is extremely important if you ever want to have success … [Read more...]

Personal Credit Card Usage for Business May be More Pain Than Relief

The number of people using their personal credit cards for business purpose is growing and that might just prove to be a disastrous financial decision given the risk of mixing pleasure with business. The National Federation of Independent Businesses … [Read more...]

Restore your business finance through debt consolidation – A guide for the entrepreneurs

If you’ve accumulated a huge amount of unsecured debts, you need not worry as you can opt for business debt consolidation through which you can finesse your business finances. If you’re a business owner, keeping careful track of your business … [Read more...]

Double the Business Funding Potential of Your Growing Company

Financing Ahead

Getting business funding is always difficult.  But, add the banking challenges of recent years and it only makes it harder! The truth is banks are still lending.  And, there are many other sources of funding that can help you fund your business … [Read more...]

Five Ways Accepting Mobile Payments Helps Expand Your Business

Contributed by Jacob Thompson A mobile merchant account allows for a business to accept mobile payments through a cell phone or mobile device. Here are just five ways accepting mobile payments can help expand your business. 1. Billing Headaches … [Read more...]

Poor Cash Flow – 5 Things That Could Be Causing It

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Cash flow is a critical concept that many entrepreneurs don’t fully understand.  I believe this is because they usually hear about it from accountants that try to explain it in accounting terms.  Poor cash flow is an operational issue.  And, you fix … [Read more...]

9 Benefits of Factoring Receivables

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Many people are afraid of factoring, but frequently that’s because of the stigma often attached by the banking community to this form of financing.  There actually are many very positive aspects to factoring.  See if any of these could help your … [Read more...]

What Do You Do When the Bank Won’t Finance Your Business?


Accounts Receivable Factoring Factoring may not be the world's oldest profession, but not far from it. This financial practice can be traced back to theRoman Empire. Factoring was the dominant form of finance in the American colonies before the … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Struggle Financially


Any entrepreneur will tell you one of the biggest issues that they struggle with is having enough financial resources to accomplish their business goal.  This is because a business cannot exist without this resource, but many businesses don’t have … [Read more...]

Cash Flow: An Entrepreneur’s View

Cash Flow

  Cash flow is the life blood of any company.  But many entrepreneurs don’t understand the concept.  Most people believe it’s a financial term so they avoid it like the plague! What is cash flow? defines cash flow as “The … [Read more...]

Avoiding Price Problems That Can Kill Your Business

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In a previous post entitled Avoid Blowing Your Revenue Engine I showed you the importance of calculating your maximum capacity and how it can help you make better operational decisions.  Maximum Capacity is important to understanding where the sales … [Read more...]