10 Keys to a Success Business Plan

10 keys to a successful business plan

I saw this article and infographic in Entrepreneur and said “they nailed it!”  You’ve heard me talk about business plans from time to time.  It’s not the plan that is important to you as a business owner.  It’s what you learn by going through the … [Read more...]

Answering 4 Questions Makes Your Revenue Goal More Achievable

4 fingers

What would it be worth to know exactly what every person in your business needs to do to achieve your revenue goal for next year?  Imagine if every person's objectives were set specifically to support the revenue goal!  It's actually simpler than you … [Read more...]

Successful Succession Planning – 9 Things to Consider!

Succession Planning

Succession planning is something too many small business owners think about too late!  Many don’t even think about succession planning because they believe that they will just sell their and that’s the end of it. However, even with the sale of a … [Read more...]

5 Questions Help You Get Past Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome

I see small business owners get distracted from their main vision all the time.  It’s amazing how many owners have attention deficit disorder (ADD). ADD can be a strength in business.  But, it also presents its challenges by creating what I call – … [Read more...]

What’s Your Greatest Challenge in Exiting Your Business?

Businessman with World on Shoulders

Is Your Business Ready for You to Leave? Last week I post a question, “What's Your Greatest Challenge in Exiting Your Business?”, on LinkedIn.  My intent was to get some feedback before writing the next few weeks’ posts on “exit/succession … [Read more...]

Is Your Goal Already Leaving You Behind?

Train Pulling Away

Ok, so it’s the week 3 of the New Year.  Did you make a New Year’s resolution for business growth?  If so, where are you tracking so far, and will you make it? Most will tell me, “it’s too early to tell?”  But, is it?!!! There are things that … [Read more...]

Are You Missing a Piece of Your Business Growth Plan?

Putting the Pieces Together

Last week’s post was directed at those who set business growth as a goal for New Year.  While the 7 questions addressed in the post are critical, they are not all the pieces to the growth puzzle. The 7 questions only address the business aspects … [Read more...]

Strategic Planning Success – A Real World Example

Double Revenue Growth Chart

This weekend I ran into a prospect from a technology company that I had proposed a strategic planning retreat for their senior leadership team 3 or 4 month ago. Let’s call them company 1. We spoke about how they are trying to decide whether to … [Read more...]

Double the Business Funding Potential of Your Growing Company

Financing Ahead

Getting business funding is always difficult.  But, add the banking challenges of recent years and it only makes it harder! The truth is banks are still lending.  And, there are many other sources of funding that can help you fund your business … [Read more...]

The 6 Step Success Process Re-Visited

Strategic Planning Framework Diagram

Last week in the post Will Your Business Grow This Year? I asked some very tough questions to get you thinking about what’s necessary to assure you’ll hit your business goals for this year.  Have you asked the questions yet?  And is your Q4 plan … [Read more...]

Will Your Business Grow This Year? – Why or Why Not?

Business Growth Improves with Planning

Did your business grow this year?  Why or why not?  If growth was not a goal this year, will it be a goal next year? These are questions you should be asking yourself right now as we begin moving into the final quarter of the year.  The reason is … [Read more...]

3 Questions You Must Answer to Successfully Exit Your Business

Business Exit

I attend a lot of meetings and seminars focused on exit planning.  But, most fall short because they only focus on the transactional portion of the process. In fact, if you follow the advice that I’ve been posting for more than 2 ½ years now, … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Get Your Business Growing Again

Watering Sweatpea Seedlings

All the small business economic trends according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) seem to be pointing to the fact that the economy is picking up.  And, businesses are beginning to focus on growing again. Have you built … [Read more...]

Applying Action to Achieve Results – Business Success Step 4

Action equals results

With the first 3 steps completed you can now begin applying action to make your vision a reality.  But, haphazardly applying action will get you nowhere fast.  So, a business plan is critical to creating a “roadmap” toward success. So now I sound … [Read more...]

Maximizing Your Resources Speeds Business Success


So now you have found your passion  and have set a business vision to consciously use your company as a vehicle to realize success.  Many people begin scrambling to make things happen.  This is a mistake! Like anyone else, you only have limited … [Read more...]

Success Step 2 – Create Your Business Vision

Vision Image

In Success Step 1 – Define You Passion, you got a better idea of what success really looks like to you – both personally and professionally.   Now you need to apply this new found understanding to your business.  You do this by creating a business … [Read more...]

SUCCESS – 6 Steps That Get You There Faster!

Life Collage

Why Understanding Success is So Important Most people seek out the service of my company when they are frustrated.  While often they say it is their business, more often than not it’s because they haven't taken the time to define success for … [Read more...]

3 Business Questions You Must Answer Before You Can Successfully Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

People w Questions

Social media is all the rage these days.  Millions use it daily as their way of communicating with the world, making it ripe for the picking as a business tool.  But, too frequently I see business owners rush off into social media without a clear … [Read more...]

16 Questions That Can Help You Fix Stagnant Growth

boots_stuck in the mud

Stagnant growth is a result of a misfiring revenue engine.  In order to grow your business you must expand. The revenue engine is a concept DE, Inc created to explain how to evaluate the operational cash flow cycle of the business to small … [Read more...]

Growing a Small Business – 3 Things Make It Happen Faster


Growing a small business is actually a simple process.  There is a defined and predictable formula to small business growth.  The problem is most small business owners don’t take the time to learn the formula! While the formula is simple it is not … [Read more...]