5 Steps to Establishing a Repeatable and Sustainable Business

Manager Delegating

In a previous post titled Getting Beyond the “Survival Stage” of Growth in Your Business, I touched on the process by which you begin building systems which your business can operate on its own.  Here I want to focus on how you actually do … [Read more...]

3 Elements That Makes Outsourcing Work

Thumbs Up and Down

Last week I posted on the 5 things you can do to test if an affiliate partnership will work before you invest a lot of time and energy into a the relationship.  Another critical tool for a business owner is the ability to outsource aspects of the … [Read more...]

2 Operationally Goals Help You Achieve the Success Stage

Success Stage Decision

Here we go again.  It’s decision time!  If you’ve done what was necessary at the existence and survival stages of the growth cycle you should be able to make the necessary decision now. As you will recall from my previous post Is Indecision … [Read more...]

How to Profitably Refine Your Operation in the Survival Stage

efficiency collage

Consistent profitability is the goal of the survival stage.  So, your focus operationally needs to be increasing efficiency and productivity. If you can do what you do faster, you can improve cash flow which in turn helps profitability.  But, that … [Read more...]

4 Areas of Operational Focus in the Existence Stage

Operational Objectives

This week let’s get back to looking at the strategic objectives within each business function as you move your business along the growth cycle.  So, far we’ve looked at marketing and sales.  So the next logical step is to look at operations. No … [Read more...]

Is Your Revenue Underperforming?


Do You Know Why? Many entrepreneurs jump to the conclusion that because revenue levels aren’t where they want, it must be a sales problem.  While more times than not this is the case it may not be the only reason.  I bring this up because if you … [Read more...]

Using Strategic Partners to Expand and Grow


How many of you think you don't have enough business?  Guess what, there are others among you that have said they have too much business!  These two predicaments are an excellent starting point to show the power of strategic partnering. A strategic … [Read more...]

4 Keys to Creating a Profitable Business


We’ve all heard the statistics: 7 out of 10 new employer firms survive at least two years, and about half survive five years.  According to the SBA statistic reported by SCORE in 2008 there were 627,200 new businesses, 595,600 business closures and … [Read more...]

Maximize Revenue by Selling Your Excess Capacity


A few posts back you learned a quick and easy way to calculate maximum capacity.  You saw how knowing your maximum capacity was important to sales as it told you how much you had available to sell.  Here we want talk about how you should go about … [Read more...]

Knowing Your Operational Capacity:


Avoid Blowing Your Revenue Engine Do you know exactly how much money your current operation can produce?  Over a 90 day period in 2009  I presented our "Tuning Your Revenue Engine" seminar to more than 100 business owners and professionals.  Less … [Read more...]

Understanding Cause and Effect: What Do You Measure?

When you need to make changes in your business to improve performance where should you start?  That is a great question.  The problem is often business owners and managers don't have the right information to make changes.  So, they arbitarily change … [Read more...]

Are You Properly Focused for Growth?


Growth requires specific things occur at specific time within the company.   There is a cause and effect in everything you do with your business, but how do you know what to do and when to do it.  Here is an example many small business owners found … [Read more...]