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4 Tips on Being Smart with your Ecommerce Strategy

When it comes to your ecommerce store, you should be focused on building your business rather than the website. Your ecommerce website is, first of all, a business, and the actual website is simply the commerce delivery path. Whether you buy an existing ecommerce site or create your own, you will need to work hard ... Read More

What’s Really Important to You?

You always heard me say you need to figure out what you want in life before your business can be successful. So, at Thanksgiving I believe it is more important than ever to revisit what’s important to you. This year giving thanks has been even bigger meaning to me. For those of you that have ... Read More

High-Impact Business Planning

Thank you for ordering our High-Impact Business Planning training.  We’re sure you will find this material helpful in walking you through the business planning process. Note this is not the same kind of business planning you will usually find out there.  This is meant to help you create a usable business plan which will allow you ... Read More