Course – Calculating Your Revenue Engine’s Horsepower

Tuning Your Revenue Engine

Fixing poor cash flow helps your business many ways like increasing lead generation and sales; decreasing overhead; and improving production capacity.  This course helps you identify exactly what’s choking your cash flow so that you can fix it!

Too often cash flow is relegated to an accountant’s definition.  “You’re not bringing in enough revenue to cover your bills in a timely manner.”  While this is the definition, how do you fix it?!!!  By tuning your revenue engine of course.

The revenue engine is a metaphor DE, Inc. created to simplify the understanding of business management so you understand the operational causes that effect you financials so you can create better cash flow. Learning business management using this approach simplifies the complex dynamics of your businesss you can pinpoint exactly what problems to fix to improve cash flow!

This course will teach you how to:

  • Understand the operational dynamics that impact cash flow – the revenue engine defined.
  • Calculate the key performance indicators to predict and improve cash flow in your business.
  • Make better strategic cause and effect decision about your business using your revenue engine dashboard.

To get started just click the link for the appropriate module below:

Module 1 Tuning Your Revenue Engine - A Different Approach to Understanding Cash Flow
The materials in this module introduce the concept of the Revenue Engine and how cash flow is influenced operationally.
Unit 1 An Introduction to Tuning Your Revenue Engine
Module 2 Why Understanding the Revenue Engine is important
This module will share the different reasons why understanding the revenue engine is so important to improving the performance of your business.
Unit 1 Why Understanding the Revenue Engine is Important
Module 3 How to Calculate the Horsepower of Your Revenue Engine
Learn how to use the resources and tools necessary to calculate all the necessary metrics for your business to monitor and tune your revenue engine.
Unit 1 Calculating the Horsepower of Your Revenue Engine