Dino Eliadis

Dino Eliadis has over 25 years of leadership experience, including 7 ½ years in the Air Force as missile launch officer and deputy program manager.  He also has MBA credentials and dedicated his career to creating and leading high performance teams and organizations to grow and expand small businesses.  His experience spans many different industries including:

  • Technology
  • Business Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Healthcare Practices
  • Non-Profits
  • Aerospace

He has held positions both in corporate and consulting engagements as:

  • President
  • General Manager
  • Business Development Director
  • Director of Operation
  • Director of Sales & Marketing
  • IT Director
  • Project Executive
  • Product Manger

Since 1991 Dino focuses on assisting small business owners to make measurable improvements in their business’ overall performance thus increasing the “book value”.  Through DE, Inc., he has developed proprietary tool, The Revenue Engine Performance Analyzer, to rapidly assess a company’s marketing, sales, and operation providing useful, high-impact information in an easy-to-understand format.  The result: increased productivity, improved revenue growth, leading to maximized profits.  You may contact him directly at dino@dinoeliadis.com.

A detailed profile can be found at http://www.linkedin.com/in/dinoeliadis.