Finding Your Business Growth Stage!

Finding Your Business Growth Stage!

Last week I set the stage for understanding contributing factors to growth.  Also, it’s important to understand what’s required in each of these factors changes as you move from one growth stage to another.

what is your growth stage

But if you don’t understand where you are currently, how do you know what you need to focus on to move your business to the next growth stage?  I believe this is the #1 problem which most small business owners struggle.

Figuring this out becomes a monumental research project!  DE, Inc. has tried to consolidate much of this work for you by categorizing blog posts by each stage of the cycle:

  1. Foundation Stage
  2. Survival Stage
  3. Self-Sustainability Stage
  4. Rapid Growth Stage
  5. Maturity Stage

You should familiarize yourself with the dynamic of each growth stage.  As you recognize certain dynamic in yourself and your business it may help you surmise the growth stage of your business.  But, this is somewhat subjective.  And, because you’re assessing yourself, you may be less than objective in your evaluation.

So, how do you find an objective, 3rd party evaluation of your business?  This is the big announcement I alluded to last week!

Several years ago, DE, Inc. announced the launch of a new small business tool – the Small Business Growth Assessment.  The purpose of this tool is to objectively determine:

  • Your business’ current growth stage.
  • What management and leadership challenges are preventing you to getting to the next growth stage?
  • What management and leadership strengths can be applied to grow business self-sustainability?

Growing your business is no different.  The Small Business Growth Assessment is designed to tell you from where you are beginning.  Use the Small Business Growth Matrix to see learn what you need to do to achieve the next stage of growth and begin taking action.

Finally you can begin applying all these concepts using our BGS Memberships. Our DIY Membership is our foundation membership providing you entry into the BGS Community with full access to the step-by-step SPARC Business Growth Framework, courses, tools and resources.

Pretty simple, right?  That was exactly what we used as the design requirement – SIMPLE!

So, don’t leave the growth of your business to chance.  Use our tools to tell you exactly what you need to do to grow a self-sustainable business.


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