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  • /Get More Help is brought to you by DE, Inc.  For nearly a decade DE, Inc.  has focused on helping small business owners prepare their businesses to operate without their direct day-to-day involvement.   Clients contact us when they are frustrated with their business’ performance or work/life balance and don’t know how to change their situation.

Accelerating Your Business Growth

Our small business tools allow you to accelerate  business growth!  Use these tool to create repeatable business systems.  Repeatable systems are critical to business scaleability.  If you can’t scale your business it will never grow.  Apply our tools to improve your business performance and growth potential faster.  Dozens of small businesses just like yours have seen great results. provides small business owners, entrepreneurs, and their trusted advisers with an expansive resource of in-depth content and research related to small business growth, entrepreneurship, leadership, and business management.  With weekly posts this is an up-to-date source of everything small business growth related.



Small Business Growth Matrix

This small business tool provides entrepreneurs with a game plan based on where they are in the small business growth cycle.  Business growthis a simple formula.  But, if you don’t know all the variables you may struggle for years and your business may never get where you want it!  This tool simplified the mystery of business by outlining the predefined stages and objectives so you need to follow to more rapidly grow your small business.





Tuning Your Revenue Engine

Use this powerful small business tool to immediately determine where choke points exist that are slowing your cash flow; causing poor business performance; and robbing your business of growth potential.  Cash flow is the life blood of every business.   Fix this problem and fix your bottom-line!




Business Jumpstart

This tool is designed to quickly breath life back into a stagnate businesses.  This program brings together 4 of our most powerful tools that evaluate the owner, business, and assist in creating an action plan that targets what wrong in one cost-effective package to get a small business back on track fast!



Personal & Business Goal Assessment

This small business tool helps small business owners determine the passion that drove them to do the impossible in the beginning and harness that fire again!  When you stop doing what you love in your business you lose the fire and passion.  As a result your family and business suffer.  Using the results of the tool you can reclaim the fire that drove you in the beginning, start growing your business again, and live a better work/life balance.




Business Accelerator Training

You can work on improving your business’ performance and growth potential online 24 x 7!  Use  Business Accelerator Training easy-to-use, simple strategies with high impact techniques immediately to begin improving your business performance.    And best of all you can learn when it best suites your schedule!  A wide variety of practical topics are available including marketing, sales, operation, accounting and finance, small business management, and much more.

Business Accelerator Training




Revenue Engine Performance Checkup

This small business tool is a 26 yes/no questionnaire “quick check” used to rapidly evaluate your entire cash flow cycle from an operational perspective.  Revenue Engine Performance Checkup helps you determine specifically what’s causing your underperforming revenue, less than expected profits, poor cash flow, stagnant growth, and sluggish overall business performance.  Click here to find out how you can get a FREE checkup for your business.


Get help Using Any of these tools two way!

You can expand the benefits of our tools with our:

      1. Small Business Coaching – adding structure and accountability to the process with a season DE, Inc. entrepreneur.
      2. Executive Consulting – adds executive talent to your team on a part-time basis until you need or can afford a full-time executive.

Questions about any of our small business tool or services?

Call us at 727-487-5435 or email  We are ready to help you grow your business faster!