3 Reasons Business Owners Get Stuck Growing Their Business?

business owner stuck growing their businessBusiness owners get frustrated as hell when they get stuck growing their business!  But, over the more than 2 decades of helping small business owners, there are three distinct problems that I see consistently get in their way.  When you solve them, you find business owners aren’t stuck growing their business anymore.

Now, these three problems are not what you might think. That’s because they’re not the symptomatic problems.  That is, they’re not things you normally hear business owners complain about.  Things like fixing cash flow, dealing with employees, no time for their family, feeling chained to their business, etc.

That’s because these three problems are “root causes”.  If you fix these “root cause” problems, you see most symptomatic problems evaporate on their own!

What are the 3 Reasons Business Owners Get Stuck Growing Their Business?

Here are the three “root-cause” problems and links to more in-depth solutions to each:

  1. Business owners don’t understand business growth is a defined process.
  2. Business owners work their business for a paycheck, instead of building an income generating asset.
  3. Business owners lose track of why they started the business in the first place.

Fixing What’s Got Them Stuck Growing Their Business

What if you could solve all these problems with a single solution?  That’s what we set out to do at DE, Inc. many years ago.  The result is the SPARC Business Growth Framework.

SPARC is a business growth methodology. It’s meant to help business owners grow a self-sustaining business.  The following link is meant to give you a quick overview of the SPARC Business Growth Framework.

Step 1 of SPARC helps you figure out why you started the business and reconnect you with that fire again.  With a revitalized passion it’s easy to do what you need to do to grow the business again!

You fix “root-cause” #1 by completing SPARC Step 2.  It helps you figure out your business’ stage of growth.

What they need to do next to get unstuck growing their business becomes very clear, as the goal is defined by their business growth stage.  With a defined goal in hand, it’s easy to get focused on the eight business growth factors.  The business plan nearly writes itself!

With a new found understanding of business growth and their sights on stage 3 – business self-sustainability “root-cause” #3 gets fixed.  Achieving the self-sustainability stage has many benefits, but the most valuable is independence and financial freedom.  You’ve built an asset that will generate an income for you and your family for as long as you chose to own it.

Begin Fixing 3 Reasons You Might be Stuck Growing Your Business

So, there you have it.  The three reasons most business owners get stuck growing the business.  And, a single solution for fixing all three.  Which one plagues you the most?  How have you tried to handle it in the past and how has that worked?

If you want to fix the “root-cause” problems once and for all , check out our DIY Membership.  You’ll use our SPARC Roadmap for step-by-step discipline in applying our courses and business growth tools to your business.  Add to this our variety of accountability methods and you have everything your increase your chances of success!

Watch the overview video below to see the platform in action.

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