Entrepreneurs these days are scratching their heads trying to decide if all the “buzz” about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the rest of the social channels are worth the effort.  Applied properly social media can level the playing field for a small business.

In a recent presentation to the Small Business Resource Network in Tampa Bay, Bob Linger, Founder and CEO of New Marketing Lighthouse and contributing author to www.yoursmallbusinessgrowth.com , provides some great insight.  In his presentation Bob looked at…

5 ways social media can make your small business look BIG!

  1. Position yourself as a trusted industry expert.
  2. Build custom branded Facebook pages: banner, landing page, multi-page presence
  3. Produce affordable, professionally produced video’s demonstrating your industry expertise
  4. Create eBooks, whitepapers, online newsletters and other useful content
  5. Dominate search results for your industry, product and services keywords

How have you employed social media to make your small business look big?  If you’re still wondering how to use social media New Marketing Lighthouse may be a good place to start!