hanging on by your fingertips? Shift your perspectiveChris Widener’s article Survivors and Thrivers! provides a great observation on what makes you successful in life and business. With just a small shift in perspective you can see a big difference in your final outcomes.  I wrote an article in 2005 with similar observation entitles Accelerating Profitability is a Companywide Effort.

In the Widener article he outlines 5 things that differentiate Thrivers from Survivors:

Evaluate if You Need a Shift in Perspective

a shift in perspective can take to to the top After reading this article I must say I needed to take a step back and look at myself in the mirror.  I always tell business owners, “you must change yourself first before your situation will change.”  This is no different for me.  So, stay tuned for more new found wisdom as I begin addressing some of these 5 areas myself!

How do you make this shift for yourself?  Start by some personal reflection, which is the first step in the Business Growth Simplified process.  Success in business is difficult when you don’t focus all your effort on a specific purpose that is personal to you, so know your passion and work it daily.

The first step in success is to define your passion. Passion is personal and by tying your business to what you want personally strengthens your drive.

Now, you use your business as a vehicle to create the cash flow stream you need to fund that personal passion.  This is not how most business owner think about life and business, but a shift in perspective like this is how you create joy and happiness for yourself.

Have you ever tapped into these 5 areas for yourself?  What was your experience and how did it lead to success for you?