Fear - walking into darkIn my post “Are You Holding Your Business Back” I wrote how personal change is needed before you can achieve success.  If that’s all it takes then why don’t we just change?

Fear is at the core of why we all resist change.  Most of us, me included, will say “I don’t fear success, I want it.”  Yes, but we fear something required between where we currently are and where we want to be even more.  What’s even worse is we are not even conscious of the fear.

So if we’re not even conscious of it, how do we deal with it?  Become an enthusiast of change!  Embrace it and learn to live with it, and slowly, but surely, we become more comfortable with it, and things begin to change.

Change is the one real constant in life.  The problem is, very early in life most of us learn to fear and avoid change.  Thus, we create subconscious coping mechanisms and ways to avoid it.  As we become adults and need the skills required to change, we struggle because of unconscious barriers we’ve created in our own mind.

How do we get past the barriers?  Make a decision that we won’t let fear get in our way.  The things we created to deal with these fears in childhood no longer apply.  They stand between us and what we want for our lives.  So, break past them.  This takes bravery and courage, two things you need to be successful.  Start with yourself.   Be brave and have the courage to go beyond the fear.  Success awaits on the other side.

If you still struggle you may need someone to help get beyond this fear.  Seek the assistance of a coach or therapist.  There is no better investment you can make in your business than in yourself.  You need to change first before your business can ever change.  That’s why our tagline at DE, Inc.  is personal change, business leadership, life success, because success happens in that order.

What about you readers that have faced the fear and achieved success?  You have much to offer.  Share your story with our readers by commenting so that they can see they aren’t alone.  Anyone that has achieved success has had to face their fears and get beyond them.

If you need help contact us.  We would be honored to assist you in your journey toward success.  If our abilities do not fit with your situation we will help you find the right help for your circumstances.

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