To grow your business and create self-sustainability you have to develop a systematic method by which sales occur.  This means selling by the numbers!

Sales people are promoted to sales manager every day with disastrous results.  When you own your own business this can be frightening thought and one that makes you avoid making the jump necessary to truly create success for your company.

This is really true if YOU are the one taking on the role of sales manager.  Especially if you’ve never been or don’t currently have the skillset to take on sales manager’s role!  Giving you the skills you need to predictively manage sales and your sales team is the purpose of DE, Inc.’s Selling by the Numbers course.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Think through the strategic aspects of sales so it support a business’ overall goal and objectives.
  • Create a set of performance objectives to assure the sales team reaches your revenue target.
  • Establish a basic structure and report/monitoring systems to more easily predict the sales and revenue for your business.

To get started just click the link for the appropriate module below:

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