behaviors driving successful entrepreneurs come down to good leadershipEntrepreneurial success rarely just happens. Five key behaviors drive successful entrepreneurs which in-turn create the traits needed for a successful business. So, why don’t more business owners make these behavioral changes?

Many entrepreneurship programs focus on the company growth factors teach business mechanics to get a business up and running. However, as I emphasize time and again, you must address the leadership growth factors which drive short-term and long -term entrepreneurial success.

So, what are the behaviors driving successful entrepreneurs which you need to master, so can you apply them in your small business?

Focus is a behavior driving successful entrepreneurs

focus: a behavior driving successful entrepreneursYou probably heard this very popular cliché “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”  When it comes to behavior driving successful entrepreneurs nothing could be truer.

You must protect your resources as you get your business going, because they are very scarce early in the process.  Protect them by using them on things that take you in the direction of success.  That means focus on what YOU want, not on what someone else says you should want!

Discipline helps you focus

Focus can be difficult in the beginning, then later when there are hundreds of things on your plate requiring your attention, it gets even harder.  Discipline helps you stay focused on what’s important and get you across the finish line.

Discipline is much more than being committed to your cause.  It means learning to operate within the rules that come in playing the game. Many owners see the unethical side of business and believe that’s what gets you to the top.  That’s one way to get there. But, don’t compromise your core values in the process. More people become successful entrepreneurs by playing the game by the rules than finding ways around the rules

Successful entrepreneurs behave with humility

You can’t get started until you can admit that you are part of the problem.  Then you can begin to change yourself to move forward.  This can be difficult because most of us were conditioned all our life to believe that failure is not an option.  We direct belief internally on ourselves creating shame in admitting that we have done wrong.  Humility allows us to look within yourselves and admit wrong is OK.  Then you can forgive yourself for the wrongs which you commit on yourself and others.

I look for humility in the first few minutes of meeting a new business owner. If they cannot admit that they are part of what holds back their business, then there is little I can do to help them on the path toward entrepreneurial success.

Change is a constant behavior driving successful entrepreneurs

OK, if you admitted that you are part of the problem, then the next step is to make a change. Change is difficult because you fear what could happen. And your brain makes up every worse-case scenario it can think up. Change is hard, but with the right focus (your WHY) you can overcome your fear and master this behavior driving successful entrepreneurs.

Evolve to create entrepreneurial success

Without the previous four behaviors, it is nearly impossible for a business to evolve and achieve the level of maturity necessary for independence and financial freedom.  Foundationally Business Growth Simplified shows how businesses mature over time as they move from stage to stage of business growth.   Independence and financial freedom as a goal helps you modify the behavior driving successful entrepreneurs.

My hope is that you see how our systematic approach for business growth helps you create these behaviors to drive your entrepreneurial success.  It didn’t just happen by chance.  Many years of research and testing shows this process works.

Our mission at BGS is to help more small business owners, just like you, achieve their dream of independence and financial freedom. Do you have the courage and humility to evolve?