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Increasing Revenue – Are You Applying the RIGHT Strategy for Your Situation?

2019-09-02T18:59:12-07:00By |Recent, Sales & Marketing, Strategy|

Is your business goal or one of the objectives this year increasing revenue? Notice I said “revenue” not “sales.”  Small business owners often use these terms interchangeably. They are not the same! Increasing sales is one strategy you can use to increase revenue. You might say, “in order to [...]

5 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Revenue Next Year

2019-12-14T08:54:08-07:00By |Featured, Sales & Marketing|

Well fourth quarter is here. While many will scramble to hit their revenue goals, if they're not on track yet it's probably because they started too late last year.  So, this year start earlier to improve revenue next!!! Most sales managers will tell you, if the sales aren't already [...]

6 Questions That Help You Increase Revenue

2019-12-14T09:03:13-07:00By |Featured, Sales & Marketing, Slider|

The year is well underway so you should look at you  numbers and asking “can we hit our revenue goal from here?”  That depends, are you going to leave it to chance or are you going to aggressively manage it? What are you doing to increase revenue? To [...]

4 Tactics to Jumpstart Your Sales

2019-08-24T17:10:02-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Sales & Marketing|

Ok, so how did Q1 sales end up?  Were they where they needed to be, or are you already behind on your 2013 goal? Well, your sales won’t just happen.  You have to plan and work the plan.  But, you want to work smart! There are only 3 different [...]

Use Business Metrics to Become Proactive with Your Revenue!

2019-12-14T09:04:47-07:00By |Featured, Management, Sales & Marketing|

Are You Watching the Wrong Business Metrics? When you come to the end of the quarter are you watching the right business metrics? Smart businesses begin by looking at their revenue to see if their revenue is on target for the year, then ask the question, "are we [...]

3 Things You Must Know Before Engaging in Content Marketing

2019-08-24T17:12:05-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Sales & Marketing|

Last week I discussed the process of developing personas so you understand who you’re talking to and what message that you need to be delivering to them.  Once you know who you’re talking to and what to say, who do you engage them? Today content marketing seems to be [...]

4 Steps to Speaking to Your Customer Personas

2013-03-06T06:21:20-07:00By |Featured, Sales & Marketing|

Last week we talked about how to make your marketing 10 times more effective.  My point then was by refining your message to the personas that are your prospects improves your communication.  Thus, you have better results in connecting with your prospects that ultimately become customers. This week I [...]

How to Make Your Marketing 10 Times More Effective!

2019-08-24T17:12:21-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Sales & Marketing|

OK, it’s been a while since I hit the topic of marketing, so I figured it was time again.  Plus, I read a pretty good article titled Small businesses use targeted marketing to contact specific customers It amazes me how many small business owners don’t know who their customers [...]

Building Your Sales Plan Doesn’t Have to be Rocket Science

2019-12-14T09:09:40-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Sales & Marketing|

4 Questions for Building a Powerful Sales Plan Ok, so last week I looked at 2 Things That Keep You Out of a Sales Crisis.  This week let’s look at what you need to keep from CREATING as sales and marketing crisis. Sometime ago I wrote an article where [...]

2 Things Keep You Out of a Sales Crisis

2019-08-24T17:18:44-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Sales & Marketing|

This week’s topic hits too close to home for comfort. But, since I always say “look in the mirror,” this week it was my turn!  Why is it that we get ourselves into a sales crisis when we know better? I spent the better part of yesterday getting all [...]

2 Marketing Objectives Speed You Thru the Self-Sustainability Stage

2019-12-14T09:16:15-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Sales & Marketing, Self-Sustainability|

Before you can successfully marketing in the success growth stage, you must decide what you are trying to accomplish next with your business.  Read my previous post titled Is Indecision Keeping You and Your Business from Success? to better understand the decision. Once you’ve decided what you plan to [...]

3 Steps to Consistent Profitability in the Self-Sustainability Stage

2019-12-14T09:17:13-07:00By |need keyword, Sales & Marketing, Survival|

A previous post I shared was on what your marketing in the foundation stage needs to strategically focus on.  With breakeven systematically achieved, it’s time to focus on profitability which is the goal of the self-sustainability stage of the growth cycle. Marketing’s primary objective here will be to generate [...]

Listening – The Best Marketing for Startups

2015-12-04T19:33:01-07:00By |Featured, Foundation, Sales & Marketing|

Marketing for startups is often difficult because small business owners don’t understand the difference between sales and marketing. (see my previous post Sales Slump? Do You Have the Right Resource Assigned?).  Marketing for startups is all about understanding what the customers wants to satisfy their need and communicating exactly [...]

3 Critical Sales Dynamics of Rapid Growth

2019-08-24T17:24:03-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Rapid Growth, Sales & Marketing|

The rapid growth stage of the growth cycle is all about becoming a big business.  This is not for the faint of heart.  And, most assuredly not for those owners that left corporate America because they didn’t like the formality and structure. Rapid growth depends on formality and structure.  [...]

Sales Management – A Key Factor in Achieving Business Self-Sustainability

2019-12-14T09:18:13-07:00By |Featured, Sales & Marketing, Self-Sustainability|

The past few weeks I have been sharing the how the sales function evolves as your business matures through the growth cycle.  First we looked at sales in the foundation stage and then sales in the survival stage.  Now, we want to look at how sales management changes in [...]

5 Critical Sales Actions in the Survival Stage

2019-12-14T09:19:26-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Sales & Marketing, Survival|

If you’ve been following along on our blog then you are already familiar with the small business growth cycle.  You also understand that each phase has a specific goal on which you must focus. This week we want to begin looking functionally at what you should do within the [...]

Selling for Startups – 3 Critical Questions Every Business Must Answer

2019-12-14T09:20:46-07:00By |Featured, Foundation, Sales & Marketing|

If you’ve been following along on our blog then you are already familiar with the business growth cycle.  This week we want to begin looking functionally at what you should be doing within each phase of growth.  Because revenue is one of the most critical measures of growth let’s [...]

3 Business Questions You Must Answer Before You Can Successfully Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

2019-08-24T17:26:34-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Planning, Sales & Marketing|

Social media is all the rage these days.  Millions use it daily as their way of communicating with the world, making it ripe for the picking as a business tool.  But, too frequently I see business owners rush off into social media without a clear picture of how they [...]

Is Your Revenue Underperforming?

2019-12-14T09:32:44-07:00By |Featured, Operations, Sales & Marketing|

Do You Know Why You have Underperforming Revenue? Many entrepreneurs jump to the conclusion that if they have underperforming revenue it must be a sales problem.  While more times than not this is the case it may not be the only reason.  I bring this up because if you [...]