Business Growth Simplified: How to Rapidly Create a Self-Sustaining Business

This book will help you understand the process of growing your business.  It details the 5 stages of business growth and eight factors that influence growth at every stage.  A self-assessment tool helps you understand where you and your business are currently stuck.  Then using a series of characters at various stages of the growth model, demonstrates how to fix each of the eight business growth factors to retire from your business in 3 – 5 years!

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The Servant: A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership

Leadership is one of the two categories of the eight factors of business growth. This book demonstrates the humility and compassion it takes to be a greta leader.  Often small business owners start their business without a lot of leadership experience. As a result, they don’t understand the “softer side” of good leadership.  This book is an easy anecdotal read that shows how great leaders aren’t necessarily harsh and directing.

Turning Pro

A short read with a big message, this book looks at how getting better sometimes only takes a change of mind.  Many small business owners don’t believe they can become wildly successful because they don’t have this background, training, or pedigree.  Pressfield shows the huge impact that we have on ourselves just in the way we think.  Sometime success comes with nothing more than a change in your mindset.

The Road Less Traveled

This iconic book details all the aspect of psychology which influence our behavior.  Understanding our behavior and that of others is a critical part of leadership.  I’ve read this book many times and learn something new about myself each time.  As a business owner it is critical that you understand yourself so that you can make the necessary changes in your behavior to take your business to the next level.  This book is at the top of every successful entrepreneur’s reading list.

The E-Myth Revisted

A classic business for every small business owner, Gerber explores the trap that many owners fall into of working their business like a job instead of systematizing it to run on its own – the e-myth.  This concept is very much the basis of the Business Growth Simplified SPARC Business Growth Framework and approach that we advocate for building a self-sustaining business.

Business Success Through Self-Knowledge

Another leadership book that is a must read.  There is much written these days about emotional intelligence, which is understanding how we react in certain situations.  But self-knowledge goes even farther in understanding why react to certain situations the way that we do. It is only with self-knowledge that we can make the deep personal changes necessary to live a meaningful life and have the business success that we deserve.

Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom

This book changed my entire perspective on how to approach business.  Robert Kiyosaki show us, in his simple to understand way, the difference between the thinking of employees, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors. Understanding the perspective of these 4 personas is critical to your business success.  If you want to become financially free you need to learn to think like an entrepreneur and investor and leave behind your employee and small business owner mentality.  At its core, this is the purpose of the Business Growth Simplified SPARC Business Growth Framework.  SPARC helps you systematically transition from small business owner to successful entrepreneur!

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

One of the most famous books of all times on the topic of self help, this book is a must read for everyone, but especially small business owners.  Juggling a dozen balls at a time is a daily occurrence if your business is not self-sustaining.  Therefore, time management is a critical first step in battling the e-myth and learning to systematize your business.  If you haven;t read this icon book and struggle with time management buy it immediately!

Neverboss: Great Leadership by Letting Go

Kevin is a businessperson I’ve admired and worked with for many years.  He has an uncanny way of being able to systematize and simplify very complex processes.  This book is roadmap to leadership success!  Reading it will help you learn how to delegate more and worry less, all the while creating accountability throughout your business. After I read it, I bought copies for all of my clients.  It is a “how to” business book I highly recommend for every small business owner.

Crucial Accountability: Tools for Resolving Violated Expectations, Broken Commitments, and Bad Behavior

As your business grows and you hire employees you will encounter confrontational challenges.  This is one fear that keeps many owners from growing.  The way to combat fear is with knowledge and understanding, this book provide a systematic approach to dealing with confrontation in a way that is simple and easy to apply. I’ve had my fair share of  dealing with confrontation as a manager and on many clients’ behalf.  I found I used many of the tools in this book naturally, but most of us are not that fortunate.  i recommend this book to anyone that struggles with crucial confrontations!