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3 Reasons You Get Stuck Growing Your Business?

2019-12-14T08:45:32-07:00By |Business Growth, Self-Sustainability, Slider|

In helping small business owners for more than 2 decades, I consistently see 3 distinct problems causing them to get frustrated as hell.  You're stuck growing your business because you have one or more of theses problems! Solve these problems and you get un-stuck growing your business! You probably [...]

Want an Absentee Owner Business? 3 Skill You Must Master

2019-12-14T08:49:02-07:00By |Self-Sustainability, Strategy, Succession_Exit|

Do you hope to take a vacation some day and not worry if your business will still be there when you return?  Then you need to set up for what I call business self-sustainability or what is referred to as an absentee owner business. If you’ve read any of [...]

What Is a Self-Sustaining Business?

2019-02-17T08:23:59-07:00By |Featured, Self-Sustainability, Slider, Survival|

Growing a self-sustaining business is the core of the Business Growth Simplified business philosophy! It is the focus of everything we do. That means we... Assist small business owners in growing a self-sustaining business. But, what does a self-sustaining business really look like, and how do you know that you’ve [...]

Build a Successful Business by Asking the Right Question

2019-12-14T09:02:01-07:00By |Entrepreneurship, Foundation|

To build a successful business is easier than most people think.  You just need to ask the right question that lead you there in the most direct way possible Tonight I’ll be meeting a bunch of new people.  Most will be at the event because they are starting their [...]

How to Profitably Refine Your Operational Focus in the Survival Stage

2019-08-23T00:02:56-07:00By |Featured, Operations, Survival|

Consistent profitability is the goal of the survival stage.  So, your operational focus needs to be increasing efficiency and productivity. If you can do what you do faster, you can improve cash flow which in turn helps profitability.  But, that means you already know exactly what you are doing [...]

3 Goals in the Correct Order Increases Business Growth

2019-12-14T09:25:50-07:00By |Business Growth|

Business growth is a challenge for many small business owners.  I frequently find the reason for their struggle is they are focused on the wrong business goals for their stage of business growth. All small business owners should be focused on accomplishing these 3 business goals, in this order: [...]

5 Competencies of Entrepreneurs vs. Small Business Owners

2018-11-07T04:46:43-07:00By |Business Growth, Entrepreneurship, Leadership|

I read a great article titled “Is there a difference between entrepreneurs and business owners?”  It states what I’ve said for years. as people throw around the term “entrepreneur” like you wake up one day and decide you’re going to be one!  Nothing could be further from the truth. [...]