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4 Reasons Good Management Accounting Speeds Up Your Growth

2019-12-14T08:44:09-07:00By |Accounting & Finance, Planning|

I am not an accountant, I am a business growth consultant.  But, I use management accounting information for planning and decision making every day when growing a company. So, I ask you. How good is the management accounting for your growing business?  If it’s not in good shape, chances [...]

5 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Revenue Next Year

2019-12-14T08:54:08-07:00By |Featured, Sales & Marketing|

Well fourth quarter is here. While many will scramble to hit their revenue goals, if they're not on track yet it's probably because they started too late last year.  So, this year start earlier to improve revenue next!!! Most sales managers will tell you, if the sales aren't already [...]

Cash Flow is KING: How to Monitor It Easily!

2019-12-14T08:38:06-07:00By |Accounting & Finance, Featured|

While cash flow is a regular topic here, it's been a while since we hit the topic from a finance and accounting perspective.  While many small business owners find accounting to be tedious it is extremely important if you ever want to have success with your business. The reason [...]

Use Business Metrics to Become Proactive with Your Revenue!

2019-12-14T09:04:47-07:00By |Featured, Management, Sales & Marketing|

Are You Watching the Wrong Business Metrics? When you come to the end of the quarter are you watching the right business metrics? Smart businesses begin by looking at their revenue to see if their revenue is on target for the year, then ask the question, "are we [...]

Are You Missing a Piece of Your Business Growth Plan?

2019-12-14T09:07:34-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Planning|

Last week’s post was directed at those who set business growth as a goal for New Year.  While the 7 questions addressed in the post are critical, they are not all the pieces to the growth puzzle. The 7 questions only address the business aspects of strategic planning and without [...]

The Major Barrier to Executing Your Strategic Plan

2019-12-14T09:10:36-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Personal Growth|

Last week I update the learning objectives for an end of year strategic planning retreat workshop I conducted several years back.  Something struck me that could hold the answer to why small business owners struggle in executing their strategic plan. First what struck me as odd is that most [...]

3 Questions You Must Answer to Successfully Exit Your Business

2019-12-14T09:12:06-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Planning, Strategy, Succession_Exit|

I attend a lot of meetings and seminars focused on exit planning.  But, most fall short because they only focus on the transactional portion of the process. In fact, if you follow the advice that I’ve been posting for more than 2 ½ years now, you’ll get there!  Then [...]

Business Growth Got You Puzzled? 3 Things Simplify It!

2020-01-20T14:51:56-07:00By |Business Growth, Featured|

Small business growth is simpler than most people think. The problem is that most books, training, and so called gurus over complicate the puzzle to make themselves look smarter and charge you more.  If you knew… What to do When to do it And how to execute Wouldn’t growing [...]

2 Marketing Objectives Speed You Thru the Self-Sustainability Stage

2019-12-14T09:16:15-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Sales & Marketing, Self-Sustainability|

Before you can successfully marketing in the success growth stage, you must decide what you are trying to accomplish next with your business.  Read my previous post titled Is Indecision Keeping You and Your Business from Success? to better understand the decision. Once you’ve decided what you plan to [...]

3 Steps to Consistent Profitability in the Self-Sustainability Stage

2019-12-14T09:17:13-07:00By |need keyword, Sales & Marketing, Survival|

A previous post I shared was on what your marketing in the foundation stage needs to strategically focus on.  With breakeven systematically achieved, it’s time to focus on profitability which is the goal of the self-sustainability stage of the growth cycle. Marketing’s primary objective here will be to generate [...]

5 Critical Sales Actions in the Survival Stage

2019-12-14T09:19:26-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Sales & Marketing, Survival|

If you’ve been following along on our blog then you are already familiar with the small business growth cycle.  You also understand that each phase has a specific goal on which you must focus. This week we want to begin looking functionally at what you should do within the [...]

Predicting Business Success – Success Step 5

2019-12-14T09:22:17-07:00By |Featured, Management, need keyword, Strategy|

Monitoring the Right Things for Your Business Plans down always work out exactly as you thought.  The more rapidly that you can make adjustments the faster you’ll get to your objective.  That means monitoring regularly. Many small business owners think regular meetings are a waste of time.  I hear [...]

Maximizing Your Resources Speeds Business Success

2019-12-14T09:23:06-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Planning, Strategy|

So now you have found your passion  and have set a business vision to consciously use your company as a vehicle to realize success.  Many people begin scrambling to make things happen.  This is a mistake! Like anyone else, you only have limited resources with which to work. [...]

3 Goals in the Correct Order Increases Business Growth

2019-12-14T09:25:50-07:00By |Business Growth|

Business growth is a challenge for many small business owners.  I frequently find the reason for their struggle is they are focused on the wrong business goals for their stage of business growth. All small business owners should be focused on accomplishing these 3 business goals, in this order: [...]

4 Actions Can Fix Sluggish Business Performance

2019-12-14T09:28:13-07:00By |Business Growth, Featured, Leadership, need keyword|

Sluggish business performance is a pretty subjective phrase.  I define it as anything that prohibits and entrepreneur from achieving their realistic business goals in the specified timeframe.  There is a critical word in that definition REALISTIC.  Most small business owners don’t even know if their goals are realistic or [...]

Growing a Small Business – 3 Things Make It Happen Faster

2019-12-14T09:33:47-07:00By |Business Growth, Featured, need keyword, Planning, Strategy|

Growing a small business is actually a simple process.  There is a defined and predictable formula to small business growth.  The problem is most small business owners don’t take the time to learn the formula! While the formula is simple it is not easy.  That’s because there are so [...]

2 Ways to Eliminate Frustration with Your Business

2019-12-14T09:35:26-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Personal Growth|

This week I'm trying something NEW a video blog!!!  It's the first in a series of video we're doing with New Marketing Lighthouse alliance partners Rokosz Studios. Please share your thoughts so we can determine if this is a more effective method of delivering information to help you with [...]

The Search for Small Business Growth Continues

2019-12-14T09:43:31-07:00By |Business Growth, Featured, Strategy|

In a previous post, So You Want to Grow Your Business?, I shared some of my general findings in recent research I have conducted in small business growth models.  While many of the models and writings came in many different shapes and sizes, they all had certain very similar [...]

So You Want to Grow Your Business?

2019-12-14T09:45:05-07:00By |Business Growth, Featured, Strategy|

How To Grow Your Business Faster With Less Pain! Small business owners tell me all the time, “I want to grow my business.”  So, I ask them some simple questions, top line growth, bottom-line growth, market share, etc.  They look at me like a deer in the headlights or [...]