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What to Look for When Reviewing Financial Statements

2019-12-30T12:08:21-07:00By |Accounting & Finance, Recent|

Reviewing financial statements begins during your business planning process. The last step of your business planning should be developing your your financial budget. That is what financial targets should your team be focused as you execute your business plan? Problem is more than half of the business owners I [...]

Monitoring Business Performance Means More Than Reviewing Your Financials

2019-06-09T16:57:46-07:00By |Accounting & Finance, Planning|

How do you keep the pulse of your business? You must be monitoring business performance to successfully achieve your business goal. But too many small business owners think this means just reviewing their financial reports when it strikes them. We know how well most owners do their financial accounting. [...]

Answering 4 Questions Makes Your Revenue Goal More Achievable

2019-02-17T08:58:02-07:00By |Featured, Planning|

What would it be worth to know exactly what every person in your business needs to do to achieve your revenue goal for next year?  Imagine if every person's objectives were set specifically to support the revenue goal!  It's actually simpler than you might think. It’s all about tuning [...]

Use Business Metrics to Become Proactive with Your Revenue!

2019-12-14T09:04:47-07:00By |Featured, Management, Sales & Marketing|

Are You Watching the Wrong Business Metrics? When you come to the end of the quarter are you watching the right business metrics? Smart businesses begin by looking at their revenue to see if their revenue is on target for the year, then ask the question, "are we [...]

7 Questions You Must Answer to Achieve Your Resolution for Business Growth

2019-08-24T17:14:48-07:00By |Featured, Management, need keyword|

Many business owners enter the New Year with a goal of growing their business.  But, making this resolution creates many objectives that if not addressed early in the year will leave you without your resolution for growth unacheived at the end of the year! Many sales consultants will have [...]

4 Characteristics for Creating High Performance Organizations

2019-12-14T09:08:38-07:00By |Featured, Human Resources, Motivating, need keyword|

Over the past month I’ve posted on several important topics including delegation and outsourcing.  If you’ve read these posts you may have seen some mutual skills/actions needed. They are not specific to these topics. I began searching for the common theme in all these areas and it hit me [...]

3 Elements That Makes Outsourcing Work Successful

2018-02-06T17:54:20-07:00By |Featured, Human Resources, Leadership, Operations|

Last week I posted on the 5 things you can do to test if an affiliate partnership will work before you invest a lot of time and energy into a the relationship.  Another critical tool for a business owner is the ability to outsourcing work from time to time [...]

Building Your Sales Plan Doesn’t Have to be Rocket Science

2019-12-14T09:09:40-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Sales & Marketing|

4 Questions for Building a Powerful Sales Plan Ok, so last week I looked at 2 Things That Keep You Out of a Sales Crisis.  This week let’s look at what you need to keep from CREATING as sales and marketing crisis. Sometime ago I wrote an article where [...]

Strategic Planning Success – A Real World Example

2018-12-09T09:36:31-07:00By |Featured, Planning|

This weekend I ran into a prospect from a technology company that I had proposed a strategic planning retreat for their senior leadership team 3 or 4 month ago. Let’s call them company 1. We spoke about how they are trying to decide whether to move forward or not [...]

Leadership and Management – An Example of the Difference

2019-08-24T17:20:26-07:00By |Leadership, Management, need keyword|

Last week’s post titled The First Step in Improving Leadership for Your Small Business was an overwhelming success as it created an incredible dialog around what is the difference between leadership and management.  I want to thank the dozen or more people that commented on the post and contributed [...]

How to Profitably Refine Your Operational Focus in the Survival Stage

2019-08-23T00:02:56-07:00By |Featured, Operations, Survival|

Consistent profitability is the goal of the survival stage.  So, your operational focus needs to be increasing efficiency and productivity. If you can do what you do faster, you can improve cash flow which in turn helps profitability.  But, that means you already know exactly what you are doing [...]

4 Areas of Operational Focus in the Foundation Stage

2019-08-24T17:23:05-07:00By |Featured, Foundation, need keyword, Operations|

This week let’s get back to looking at the strategic objectives within each business function as you move your business along the growth model.  So, far we’ve looked at marketing and sales.  The next logical step is to take an operational focus. No matter what business you’re in, there [...]

Business Management: A Key to Business Growth

2019-08-23T16:01:03-07:00By |Featured, Management|

In the post Small Business Growth Simplified I introduced our small business growth model.  Two factors (leadership or owner and management or company factors) impact a business’ ability to grow. Under the company category the 4 areas are: Financial Assets Personnel Resources Systems Business Assets Why Business Management is a Critical Skill to [...]

Is Your Revenue Underperforming?

2019-12-14T09:32:44-07:00By |Featured, Operations, Sales & Marketing|

Do You Know Why You have Underperforming Revenue? Many entrepreneurs jump to the conclusion that if they have underperforming revenue it must be a sales problem.  While more times than not this is the case it may not be the only reason.  I bring this up because if you [...]

3 Steps to Improved Business Performance

2019-08-24T17:28:43-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Planning|

You didn’t start your business to get where you are right now!   To get where you want to go you need to improve business performance by doing 3 things: Determine exactly what stage of the growth cycle your business really is. Focus on the right objectives to move to the next stage [...]

Avoiding Price Problems That Can Kill Your Business

2019-12-14T09:40:28-07:00By |Accounting & Finance, Featured, Planning, Sales & Marketing|

In a previous post, Avoid Blowing Your Revenue Engine, I described how important calculating your maximum capacity is and how it can help you make better operational decisions.  Now I want to show you how to use your price to fix a capacity issue. First let's review your maximum capacity [...]

Understanding Cause and Effect: What Do You Measure?

2020-01-13T15:05:32-07:00By |Operations, Planning|

When you need to make changes in your business to improve performance where should you start?  That is a great question.  The problem is often business owners and managers don't have the right information to make changes.  So, they arbitarily change things without understanding the cause and effect of [...]