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Build a Successful Business by Asking the Right Question

2019-12-14T09:02:01-07:00By |Entrepreneurship, Foundation|

To build a successful business is easier than most people think.  You just need to ask the right question that lead you there in the most direct way possible Tonight I’ll be meeting a bunch of new people.  Most will be at the event because they are starting their [...]

Listening – The Best Marketing for Startups

2015-12-04T19:33:01-07:00By |Featured, Foundation, Sales & Marketing|

Marketing for startups is often difficult because small business owners don’t understand the difference between sales and marketing. (see my previous post Sales Slump? Do You Have the Right Resource Assigned?).  Marketing for startups is all about understanding what the customers wants to satisfy their need and communicating exactly [...]

Is Your Startup Focused on the Right Objectives?

2019-12-14T09:39:40-07:00By |Featured, Foundation, Strategy|

Lately I have been involved with a number of startup businesses, including a couple of my own.  One observation I have made is that many small business startup owners tend to focus later stages objectives rather than the early stage growth cycle objectives they should.  The result of their [...]