To build a successful business is easier than most people think.  You just need to ask the right question that lead you there in the most direct way possible

build a successful businessTonight I’ll be meeting a bunch of new people.  Most will be at the event because they are starting their journey to build a successful business.

Too often I find those beginning a new business asking the wrong questions.  The problem is, “so called” experts are answering the questions which giving them the wrong advice which steers them down a long and difficult path!

I know, “Dino, what the heck are you talking about?”  Here, let me tell you by asking you a couple of questions.

How many of you know someone that is trying to build  a successful business and saying, “I need an investor or I need a load to start this business?”  It might even be YOU!

Well, good luck.  Money people want proof before they’ll give you money.

I know your answer, as I’ve heard it a thousand times.  “I can’t start my business without $XXXXX amount of money.”  THIS IS YOUR FATAL FLAW!!!

To be a real entrepreneur you need to be a problems solver.  Here is you’re first problem.  Can you solve it?

Sure you can!  You just need to ask the right question!


It’s really that easy!

I heard a statement that Tony Robbin’s made more than 2 decades ago and it really struck me.  Your brain will search to answer the questions you ask of it.  If that’s the case you need to ask the right question to get the right answer.

When you tell yourself “I can’t build a successful business until I get a loan or find an investor”, your brain focuses on that!

However, if you ask it how to do I build a successful business without a loan or investor, your brain starts working on the real problem.  A plan to start without money!

Now, I am not advocating you can build a successful business into a giant corporation this way.  It’s nearly impossible to do so.  I am just saying learn the skills you need at the begin of your journey to REAL entrepreneurship.

Doing it this way is actually faster!  Without money you’ll focus on what’s needed to create CASH FLOW!  Guess what, when you have cash flow banks and investors will talk to you.

So, don’t put the cart before the horse.  Ask a better question and start executing on your plan.  Before you know it the investors and bankers will be seeking YOU out instead of telling you NO!

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  1. Avatar
    Robert Rojo
    July 27, 2013

    Dino, what can I say, I really like this article!! I was speaking with a friend about his business and what he described was exactly what you wrote. He needed to figure out how to start his business without any cash flow. He said it was hard, very hard and he went through some difficult times, but has business has with stood some difficult times. He’s been in business now around 15 years. Your other point about banks and investors, after seeing your success will offer to invest or loan you money so you can grow is exactly what happened. But by then he was very happy with his little company and told them no thank you. Thanks for the posting!

  2. Avatar
    John Thurlbeck
    August 7, 2013

    Dino, more than ever before I am a big fan of achieving the best answer rather than a right-ish, quick answer. Asking lots of great questions and listening actively and carefully … and doing something about what you hear is key for me!

    In my youth I was ‘crash, bang, wallop’; too impetuous by half, and fearless and foolish by equal measure ~ with some disastrous consequential results! Now, as I have mellowed and learned, I favour listening carefully and actively … and prompting, where necessary, with simple but effective questions, of which ‘Why’ is one of my favourites.

    Thanks for the posting!

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