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Achieving the Self-Sustainability StageI made a prediction a while back that developing successful entrepreneurship will be the next big bubble. Not to be a negative nelly.  But, there is lots of hype around successful entrepreneurship these days.  And for good reason, there is a lot of upside with being an entrepreneur.

However, whenever there is a trend there are always “wannabe experts” that rally to the money.  This is what causes a bubble.

Look back to 2000 when the “dot bomb” bubble burst.  More recently we all remember when the financial collapse which came as a result of bursting the real estate bubbles.  Some are still feeling the economic effects from it.

But at the same time this is what created the explosion in entrepreneurship in the past few years.  I’m all for it!  Entrepreneurship done right is a path to personal independence and financial freedom.  But, you have to do it the right way!!!

Last year to help entrepreneurs improve their chances for success, I wrote and published an eBook title The Missing Component to Successful Entrepreneurship. If you’re thinking about or struggling to have more success with your business you might want to download this e-book at the end of this post.

What Makes Successful Entrepreneurship So Hard?

Ok, so I’ve told you the ultimate benefits of being a successful entrepreneur – personal independence and financial freedom.  So, why don’t more people do it?


Becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t just about starting your own business!  That’s just the vehicle that helps you have what you want in life.

You need to go beyond just opening a business.  You have to become a disciple of business and a leader of people.  I’ve made reference to these to critical success factors to business growth countless times.  But, you need to live and breath them every day.  It needs to become part of your daily life if you want to achieve successful entrepreneurship!

If you get buried in the day-to-day minutia of your business, you’ll never increase your skills.  You will end up in what I call “nowhere land”. Your business will just stop growing.  Just because you’ve achieved a little success, don’t  stop working at building your skills and get stuck there too. Now, with Business Growth Simplified DIY Membership it’s even easier.  You can find out more about DIY and the accountability methods increase your chances of successful entrepreneurship by clicking the icon to the right.

Many of our clients at DE, Inc. come from being stuck in “nowhere land” for a decade or more.  They’re frustrated with their life and business.

Missing Components of Successful EntrepreneurshipIt’s hard to change many of the habits at this point because they have some level of personal success.  However, their business is not worth what they need to retire and they fear changing because it may impact their current lifestyle!

If you don’t want to get stuck in “nowhere land” with your business. Or, if you’re stuck and want to get out of it, I highly recommend downloading the eBook The Missing Component to Successful Entrepreneurship and implementing the ideas presented. Just complete the to download you copy now.

If you can’t wait or are serious about getting on with it I would recommend checking out our DIY Membership to begin applying the SPARC Business Growth Framework to your business to build a self-sustaining company.

Send me an email if you have any questions on where to start.  I’d be happy to discuss the best way to get you on the road to successful entrepreneurship!



  1. Avatar
    Frank Green
    September 29, 2017

    From my standpoint, without hard work, no one will be victorious. Thus, one needs more than just hard work to flourish as an entrepreneur. The truth is every new entrepreneur wants to become rich in a very less time. He then starts to read the success stories of other successful entrepreneurs with a hope that he can hit a massive hit overnight. But I think it is nearly impossible unless and until his fortune plays a trick. Because victory and tough grind are directly proportional to each other. That means, if we spend less effort, then we will fetch less result and vice-versa. Another thing is, one must be ambitious, otherwise his long haul won’t help him. So, you should be active in your busy entrepreneurial schedule, by which you will never make yourself responsible to crash your entrepreneurial dream.

    • Avatar
      Dino Eliadis
      October 10, 2017

      Don’t disagree with you, Frank. I know plenty of people that work hard and still don’t have success. It’s a balance of working hard at the right things! That’s what I’ve tried to help focus people on – doing the right stuff. Working smart helps you not have to work as hard and gives you a better chance to achieve your desired outcome. Thanks for the contribution. – Dino

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