Why did you start your business in the first place?  If you’re like most owners you thought it was your way to get independence and financial and freedom.

So, why haven’t you gotten there? Because you just focus on growing your business without a reason, and as a result you are  miserable!

I know, you probably think I am crazy.  But, one of the main reasons that I find most business owners are unhappy is…


How your WHY give you independence and financial freedom

To get there again you need to take some time to reflect.  Now’s as good a time to do it before you get too far down your current dead-end road .  What I want you to do is get focused on your WHY again.

is your WHY independence and financial freedom?Look, day-to-day you’re probably focused on creating the cash flow necessary to pay your bills and make a comfortable life for your family.  But, was that all you really wanted when you originally took the plunge and went out on your own?  My guess is NO!

When you got started you were probably really thinking about having independence and financial freedom. Let me ask you a question.  Will doing what you’ve been doing really get you there?

Using business self-sustainability to get your WHY

If not what change do you need to make to get there?  That’s easy, you have to make life independence and financial freedom your goal.  Your business is merely the vehicle you chose to get you there!!!

So, you need to start thinking differently about the objectives of your business and the purpose that you are growing your business.  If business self-sustainability is not an objective I can guarantee you that 3 – 5 years from now you will no closer to life independence than you are today.  I see it every day!

unhandcuff yourself from your business for independence and financial freedomWith the right effort in growing your business you might get to financial freedom.  But, almost certainly you will still be chained to your business and still getting up to go to WORK every day!  In fact, many of you may already be in this situation.

You can break free by making business self-sustainability a priority in your business plan.  Just complete the form below to download our e-book “What Does It Take to Make My Business Self-Sustaining? Find out what it will take to be free in 5 years or less. This is even if you are still in startup phase and just getting started!

Make business self-sustainability a priority this year and break free of the chains of your business that are holding you back!