personal reflectionDuring this time of year most of us stop long enough to take a breath.  If you use this time correctly you can actual put your life and business on course for success.  You see it is in personal reflection that success is born, so use it to put yourself of the right path.

Use Personal Reflection to Find Your Passion

As you spend time in personal reflection ask yourself, “why did I start my business in the first place?”  The answer to this question holds the key to your passion.  You see passion is the fire that fuels success.  I explored this concept more in the previous post Why So Many Business Owners are Unhappy.

Appreciate Your Customer

Customers are the only reason you have a business.  Without them you have nothing, so act like it.  Show your appreciation, not just at holidays but all year long.  Empathize with their struggles and the reasons that they seek out your products or services.  Live it, breath it, they’ll notice it and bring you more business and more customers.  More customers = business growth!  USe this time of personal reflection to determine how you can best serve your customers better.

Lead with Humility

No business grows without a team.  And, every team needs a leader.  You need to be that leader and that means humility.  People earnestly gravitate toward people that have good in their intentions and empathize with their plight.  During your personal reflection ask yourself “how do I help those that help me?”  Then implement the way you’ll earn their loyalty.  Good leadership is actually simpler than most people think, in fact Boy Scout provide a great example as I capture in my post 10 Leadership Tips We Can All Learn from a Boy Scout.

These are not the only positive factors that can help with business growth, but their a good start.  What do you believe are some other factors that contribute to business growth and success?

As you spend time on personal reflection this time of the year, look within yourself for your passion, appreciation, and humility.  Let them be the catalyst that sparks your life success and business growth.

If you’re struggling to figure this out, then you might look to our FREE 7-Day Challenge: Finding Your Fire Again.  This tool will help you with your personal reflection to determine what you want out of life and if your business is aligned to help you get there! Watch the following video to see what you can expect from this FREE BGS resource.