You always heard me say you need to figure out what you want in life before your business can be successful. So, at Thanksgiving, I believe it is more important than ever to revisit what’s important to you.

family-marvin-and-kathy-houseThis year giving thanks has been even bigger meaning to me. For those of you that have not already heard on September 28 I suffered a stroke. You can find more out in the article I wrote just after returning to work on my business titled It’ll Never Happen To Me.

When I stop and think that my situation could have had a very different ending, it really makes me count my blessings.  Mine are too many to list here.  However, one thing I did learn is your priorities shift and you dramatically realize what you value in life.

pam-dino-at-usf-dinnerFirst and foremost is my wife. She has shown her true colors through all of this.  Pam often asks me, “ why did you marry me?”  While I’ve given you answers in the past, it’s become even more clear through all of this.  Pam, I married you because you have a strength and compassion inside that not many people possess.  I believe you see it now, never forget what you are capable of!

Next, I hope my three sons have seen through my positive outlook during my recovery that even when things seem darkest you can persevere if you put your mind to it.  I am a little more wobbly than before, but I’ve done what is necessary to make myself a useful member of this family again.  And, I have returned to my vision to be a positive contributor to our society.boys-at-disney

To all my family and friends, I can’t tell you how much it’s meant to me and Pam to see the outpouring of love and support we’ve gotten from all of you.  It’s shown us the good of humanity that still exists and we are blessed to be surrounded by people like you.

A potential death event can make you reassess what you are thankful for. But, we shouldn’t wait for that to happen for us to correctly prioritize our life. You have a day of rest on Thanksgiving. Stop and reassess the things that are truly important to you. Then I ask you, are you living your life in that priority order every day? If not, WHY NOT? Reassess what you’re working on so that it aligns the things that are important to you and your life.  Your life will be richer, and you won’t have to worry about waking up one day and saying “ I woulda, shoulda or coulda.”

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,