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A Few Simple Things Bring Business Success

2019-09-02T19:01:51-07:00By |Management, Personal Growth, Strategy|

Business success doesn’t just happen. It’s a takes a lot of hard work. But, that hard work needs to be focused like a laser on what success means to you. Once you know what it looks like, it becomes a passion, a force more powerful than anything you can [...]

10 Keys to a Successful Business Plan

2017-08-24T01:39:24-07:00By |Featured, Planning|

I saw this article and infographic in Entrepreneur on how to develop a successful business plan and said “they nailed it!”  You’ve heard me talk about successful business plans from time to time.  It’s not the plan that is important to you as a business owner.  It’s what you learn [...]

Why is Project Management Critical to Business Growth

2019-02-17T09:03:06-07:00By |Featured, Planning, Project Management|

For years I have tried to spread the word that business growth is a standardized process  as I documented in my post The Search for Business Growth Continues. The main premise is that a business matures through stages.  There are a specific set of objectives to achieve in order to mature [...]

Answering 4 Questions Makes Your Revenue Goal More Achievable

2019-02-17T08:58:02-07:00By |Featured, Planning|

What would it be worth to know exactly what every person in your business needs to do to achieve your revenue goal for next year?  Imagine if every person's objectives were set specifically to support the revenue goal!  It's actually simpler than you might think. It’s all about tuning [...]

5 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Revenue Next Year

2019-12-14T08:54:08-07:00By |Featured, Sales & Marketing|

Well fourth quarter is here. While many will scramble to hit their revenue goals, if they're not on track yet it's probably because they started too late last year.  So, this year start earlier to improve revenue next!!! Most sales managers will tell you, if the sales aren't already [...]

6 Questions That Help You Increase Revenue

2019-12-14T09:03:13-07:00By |Featured, Sales & Marketing, Slider|

The year is well underway so you should look at you  numbers and asking “can we hit our revenue goal from here?”  That depends, are you going to leave it to chance or are you going to aggressively manage it? What are you doing to increase revenue? To [...]

Business Growth Strategy – 6 Step with High Impact

2017-11-26T17:37:19-07:00By |Business Growth, Featured, Strategy|

I have advocated for years that growing a small business is a defined and repeatable process and shared all the definitive research and available resource to support my premise. Now, let's look at a business growth strategy that can help you apply my premise to any small business. At [...]

Strategic Planning Success – A Real World Example

2018-12-09T09:36:31-07:00By |Featured, Planning|

This weekend I ran into a prospect from a technology company that I had proposed a strategic planning retreat for their senior leadership team 3 or 4 month ago. Let’s call them company 1. We spoke about how they are trying to decide whether to move forward or not [...]

Double the Business Funding Potential of Your Growing Company

2017-08-24T02:22:12-07:00By |Accounting & Finance, Featured, Planning|

Getting business funding is always difficult.  But, add the banking challenges of recent years and it only makes it harder! The truth is banks are still lending.  And, there are many other sources of funding that can help you fund your business growth. However, all of these sources will [...]

The 6 Step Business Success Process Re-Visited

2018-12-09T09:48:17-07:00By |Featured, Planning, Strategy|

Last week in the post Will Your Business Grow This Year?  I asked some very tough questions to get you thinking about what’s necessary to assure you’ll hit your business goals for this year.  Have you asked the questions yet?  And is your Q4 plan ready to get you [...]

Applying Action to Achieve Results – Business Success Step 4

2018-12-09T10:01:21-07:00By |Featured, Planning|

With the first 3 steps of our business success formula completed you can now begin applying action to make your vision a reality.  But, haphazardly applying action will get you nowhere fast.  So, a business plan is critical to creating a “roadmap” toward business success. So now I sound [...]

16 Questions That Can Help You Fix Stagnant Growth

2019-12-14T09:29:11-07:00By |Business Growth, Featured, Planning|

Stagnant growth is a result of a misfiring revenue engine.  In order to grow your business you must expand. The revenue engine is a concept DE, Inc created to explain how to evaluate the operational cash flow cycle of the business to small business owners.  If you don’t understand [...]

Growing Your Business Again – Easy as A,B,C

2019-08-24T17:26:35-07:00By |Business Growth, Featured, need keyword, Personal Growth, Planning|

I know small business owners with several companies within the construction and real estate industries that have nearly doubled their assets even in a bad economy.  How is that possible? Growing a business is a process Growing your business is easy!  Just follow the proven formula and you can [...]

Creating Your Business Plan Made Easy!

2019-02-17T07:34:10-07:00By |Planning|

Writing a business plan is really just a mechanical process.  The reason writing a business seems so hard is most people haven't answered 2 critical questions before they start -- "what" and "why".  The first question "what" gives you the target that you're shooting for.  The second question "why" gives [...]

Business Planning Simplified

2019-02-17T08:19:05-07:00By |Planning, Slider, Strategy|

Have you ever heard the quote, “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there..?” If business planning is not part of routine you’re living this quote every day. That being said, it amazes me how many business owners don’t do any business planning. For many that have [...]