Why Understanding Success is So Important

Most people seek out the service of my company when they are frustrated.  While often they say it is their business, more often than not it’s because they haven’t taken the time to define success for themselves.

Achieving success in business is a process, just like everything else.  It requires deep thinking and reflection on the things they YOU want from life.  Not just in business but in all aspects of life.  My opinion is that this is the place from which the frustration comes – not being fulfilled personally.

Now, I’m not here to give you a big “touchy feely” speech, just the opposite!  I want to show you the steps that lead you toward success.  But, you first must understand why it is so important.

Understanding what you want from life first is important because it is the foundation from which all your evaluation and planning must be based.  If you don’t have a good set of criteria from which to evaluate the things that come at you daily, weekly, or monthly.   Years later you’ll find yourself down the road asking yourself – “how the heck did I end up here!!?”

Business Coaching vs. Personal Coaching

There are dozens of personal coaches out there that will say – “I can help with that.”  Most do a good job, but what they can do falls short for most entrepreneurs and small business owners.  The reason is small business owners have chosen a distinct path to achieve success – owning their own business.  Most personal coaches cannot help a business owner fix what’s broke with their business.  They can only help  figure out where the owner/entrepreneur wants to go personally. The problem is that’s only the first step in the process!  Small business coaching brings a very distinct difference to the table.

6 Steps That Lead to Success

So what is the process to achieving success?

  1. Define personal success for yourself.
  2. Establish your business’ vision from your definition of success.
  3. Assess currently available resources to apply to your vision.
  4. Maximize available resources using action plans toward achieving your vision.
  5. Monitor regularly the effectiveness in executing your action plans
  6. Check back to #3 quarterly or at least annually.

This is a good time of the year to begin this process as many small business owners are in a reflection mode, looking at the year that is ending and what they plan to do in the year to come.  By applying this process, most business owners become much more focused in setting  goals which makes it much easier to achieve the vision.

Over then next several weeks I will explore each step in the process in greater detail.  If you can’t wait, email me directly at dino@dinoeliadis.com.  I will be happy to get you started down the path toward your definition of success!