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Leading a Small Business vs. Large Organization

2017-03-16T12:51:14-07:00By |Entrepreneurship, Featured, Personal Growth, Recent|

I learned my leadership very early in my career.  In fact, I learned even before my career began. My leadership training came while I was in Air Force ROTC in college.  From there I spent 7 1/2 years applying what I learned in the best organization you can practice [...]

A Few Simple Things Bring Business Success

2019-09-02T19:01:51-07:00By |Management, Personal Growth, Strategy|

Business success doesn’t just happen. It’s a takes a lot of hard work. But, that hard work needs to be focused like a laser on what success means to you. Once you know what it looks like, it becomes a passion, a force more powerful than anything you can [...]

The Biggest Owner Obstacle to Business Success – FEAR!

2019-09-02T19:02:12-07:00By |Align Your Life & Business 7-Day Challenge, Personal Growth|

I’ve had a number of clients and prospect lately pull back into their hard shell.  So, I decided to take a step back and try to determine what was the owner obstacle! First, one thing you have to know about my style. I don’t shy away from the truth.  [...]

How to Get Life Independence and Financial Freedom Using Your Business

2020-01-14T08:30:50-07:00By |Featured, Personal Growth, Recent, Succession_Exit|

It’s a new year.  Then economy seems headed in the right direction. And, from all the privately owned business owners I talk with they are aggressively looking to grow this year. These are all good things, but be careful!  If you’re focused just on achieving growth without a reason [...]

Do You Think Like a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur?

2017-09-20T03:19:31-07:00By |Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, Survival|

The Employee Scenarios Defined Several events recently occurred with client businesses that made me take a step back and really try to understand a why small business owner makes some of the decisions that they do!  For nearly a year I have been advising one client to put better [...]

Discipline – One Skill Every Successful Business Owner Has Mastered

2017-10-01T10:04:49-07:00By |Featured, Personal Growth, Recent|

I constantly get feedback and comments on how much sense the DE, Inc. SPARC Business Growth process and our approaches to business growth and business self-sustainability make for small business owner.  However, I have struggled for years to understand why small business owners won’t apply the advice and the [...]

CHANGE is the Main Purpose of Every Project

2018-02-10T11:05:03-07:00By |Featured, Personal Growth, Project Management, Self-Sustainability|

A good friend and associate of mine, Stacy Goff, has been saying for years that project managers are agents of change.  I’ve always believed this was true, however as I’ve begun my journey down the execution “rabbit hole” it has become even clearer. Think about it.  Why do you [...]

PASSION: Why It’s Critical for Business Success

2018-01-07T09:43:44-07:00By |Align Your Life & Business 7-Day Challenge, Featured, Motivating, Personal Growth|

This week I figured I would talk a little bit about the first step in the strategic planning process – defining your passion.  A while back I wrote a posted titled Why So Many Small Business Owners are Unhappy where I made an observation of why small business owners [...]

Why Leadership is Critical to Business Growth

2019-08-24T17:09:33-07:00By |need keyword, Personal Growth|

A few weeks ago in a presentation a local business leader whom I very much respect suggested a book that I had not heard of before on leadership – The Servant by James Hunter.  So I wrote it down in my Evernote and looked it up over the weekend.  [...]

Make Your Own Way Because the Time Is Never Right!

2019-08-24T17:11:47-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Personal Growth|

It amazes me how many small businesses are frozen with fear of the unknown.  For years most businesses struggled.  First it was the weight of the financial crisis.  Then it was healthcare.  Next, it was the election.  Now, what is the problem? I’ve been telling clients and any other [...]

What’s Your WHY!

2019-08-20T14:42:50-07:00By |Entrepreneurship, Featured, Motivating, Personal Growth|

I was attending a local networking event today.  The presenter was a local serial-entrepreneur. He shared his most recent success story and his philosophy on what's important to entrepreneurial success. He said you need to know what's your WHY. Everything he said was right on point. In fact, I've [...]

Leadership’s Most Important Factor

2019-08-24T17:14:02-07:00By |Featured, Motivating, need keyword, Personal Growth|

Last week a local story caught my attention as it exemplified the question often asked about leadership.  What is the most important factor that influences good leadership? A coach from a local high school with an tremendous record was hired by a major university to become an assistant coach.  [...]

Protecting You Most Precious Resource

2019-08-24T17:15:13-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Personal Growth|

The most precious resource a business owner has seems to be the one that we protect the least – OUR TIME!!!  Funny thing is, everyone starts with the same amount of time every day.  Yet some people can make millions while others seem to struggle just to breakeven. What’s [...]

Inventor vs Entrepreneur: Transitioning to Turn Your Vision into Reality

2018-03-31T12:16:15-07:00By |Entrepreneurship, Foundation, Personal Growth|

Inventor vs entrepreneur is a topic I was asked to revisit for an upcoming presentation.  Back in 2010 I gave the same presentation to the Tampa Bay Inventors Council and it was well received. Not sure how many people heeded my advice, but what I presented then is still [...]

Leading to New Horizons of Success

2019-08-24T17:19:06-07:00By |Featured, need keyword, Personal Growth|

Success is a destination that you define for your company.  It represents the vision of a new vista; a new horizon; a new set of possibilities for your business – a change.  That means you will need new skills and competencies.  You will need to change to deal with [...]