Businessman Under a GlassIt amazes me how many small businesses are frozen with fear of the unknown.  For years most businesses struggled.  First it was the weight of the financial crisis.  Then it was healthcare.  Next, it was the election.  Now, what is the problem?

I’ve been telling clients and any other business owner that would listen for years that the time will never be perfect.  If you wait in fear, for the stars to align, you’ll wait forever.  You have to make your own way!

The key is asking the right questions.  Then you need to build a plan that helps you get where you’re trying to go.

Several months back I wrote an article titled “Want Better Results?”  In it I described how the key to getting better results is asking better questions.  The premise is that your brain will search for answers to the question you ask of it.

Do you want to grow your business or achieve some other goal?  The key to getting past all the fear is asking yourself what do I need to do to grow my business or achieve my goal.  Once your brain gives you the answer, build an action plan and start doing it!!!

QuestionMarkDoes it work?  Here is a perfect example.  A recent client received a report that outlined where they were and they needed to focus.  For nearly 6 months they struggled with indecision of the unknown.

When I started working with them the first thing I asked was what did they want to ultimately have happen with the business?  They said they wanted to sell the business.  It was clear to me that it would be difficult to sell the business in its current state and I told them so.

Next, I told them what they would need to happen in order to prepare the business for sale.  After this discussion, I asked them if the business was prepared correctly did they think they would need to sell the business?  Their answer was not really.

So, then we looked at how much the business would need to grow in order to achieve the needed outcome.  Amazingly it was only about an additional $200,000 in sale.

They were shocked at how little it would take to get them to a point of Independence and finacial freedom.  So, we immediately began looking at what was needed to get there.

To begin solving the problem we used the Revenue Engine Performance Checkup to determine how much capacity they had and if they could achieve the goal in their current state.  Answering this one question changed the course of their destiny.

They had been struggling with whether they should move to a new facility or not for over a year.  When orders spiked, everything became chaos.  The reason was because they were nearly at operational capacity and didn’t even know it.

When they asked the right questions it became apparent what they needed to do and they applied action to make it happen.  They figure this out the week before New Years.  I am happy to say that last weekend they moved into a new facility more than 3 times their previous size and added another production line.

You see, just looking at a problem from a different perspective by asking different questions can send you in the right direction.  So, instead of trying to avoid a problem ask the question

“what must I do to achieve my desired outcome or goal?”

You may be surprised by the answer your brain give you when you ask this question.

If you get stuck or can’t get past the fear yourself schedule a time with me to chat below..  I’d be honor to help get you too past whatever’s holding you back from getting where you’d like to go!