My wife paid me the highest compliment this week. And she didn’t even realize she did it .

We were on vacation and just browsing the shops on the beach.  She saw the little card in the photo and said “hey Dino, this has you written all over it!”

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort ZoneI read the card and instantly took a photo of it with my phone.  In these 9 words live the essence of success that lies in us all!

The problem is we let fear and discomfort get in the way of realizing our fullest potential.  We all have greatness within us.  We just need to be willing to let it out.

Any good psychologist will tell you that you need to go to that place that makes you feel uncomfortable and step outside.  It’s only through these steps outside of our circle of comfort that we grow and see what we’re really capable of.  If you do this regularly you form habits that expand who you are in ways that you cannot imagine.

Most of my work in consulting and business coaching focuses more on getting small business owners out of their own comfort zone to realize what they are capable.  I use a tool that I created called a Personal & Business Goal Assessment.  If you can learn to get outside your comfort zone enough time you won’t go back to where you were before – usually stuck in a rut!

I am  not immune to “stuck in a rut syndrome.” I too wrestle with my own fears and uncomfortable situations.  But, the fact that my wife saw this small item and thought of me, tells me that I am trying to live my life to it’s fullest.

Are you living life?  How do you get outside of your comfort zone?