The most precious resource a business owner has seems to be the one that we protect the least – OUR TIME!!!  Funny thing is, everyone starts with the same amount of time every day.  Yet some people can make millions while others seem to struggle just to breakeven.

What’s the difference between these two ends of the spectrum?  Time management!

Now, I am not going to start into a diatribe about a new system of time management.  I’ve used more than a few in my 3 decades in the professional world.  While they all have their strengths and weaknesses, if you aren’t using one you have already begun to lose the war.

When I say system, I don’t mean Outlook or Google Calendar or Entourage or some other calendar and email software.  When I say system, I mean a method of cataloging, organizing, and prioritizing all the things that you have to do in your life.

As I said there are plenty of them out there.  I myself have used:

  • Franklin Planner
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Getting Things Done – (GTD)
  • And for the past year, Priacta’s Totally Relax Organization (TRO)

What is important about all over these systems is that while they give you tools to help you get organized, they have a process by which to apply the tools.  The last 2, GTD and TRO take it even further and help you organize all aspects of your life with filing systems and office organization.  These expanded systems are what interested me, because I find that when I get stress even more when my work area is cluttered or I can’t find something that I need.

One additional item that really got me to look at TRO even further was a resource that they have that compares nearly 100 different tools on the market to assist with your organization and time management.  With the boom of the smartphone, it is easier to have everything you need to stay organized with you at all times.  But, there are so many tools which one it the right fit?  Priacta’s Interactive GTD Software Comparison Table is HUGE resource in evaluating time management software.

Now, with a system and right tools you are armed to get more done.  But, you still need to protect your time as much, if not more than you protect your money.  With the right plan and business you can always generate more money.  TIME, on the other hand, is fixed and once it’s gone you cannot get it back!

Sometime because it’s just there and we get a fresh supply of 24 hours of it every day we don’t think twice about wasting it.  But, you can’t go back or regenerate time once it’s gone.  And, opportunity ALWAYS has a time component to it.

If you can learn to protect your time and management like a precious resource you will find yourself one day on the side of those that generate millions.  Are you ready to make the commitment necessary to do that?  It will be one of the personal changes that you will need to make if you are to achieve business success.

What are some ways in which you protect your time?  Or, what are some methods that you have created for yourself that helped you get more control over your time?