Just Ask Better Questions

Every year for Thanksgiving I write a special heartfelt message to those in my contact list.  I struggled this year.  It was becoming so difficult for me to write that I went back and looked at messages from years past.  While reading, I remembered some sage advice that I gave a coaching client earlier this year and it back part of this year’s message.

My advice was to ask better questions.  You see, your brain will search for answers to the questions that you ask it.

So, if you ask negative questions like “why can’t I do this or that,” your brain will tell you why because that’s how your brain works!  If however, you ask a better question, like “how can I do this or that,” your brain will search for a solution.

So I thought, for Thanksgiving this year ask your brain a better question.  Something like:


When you do this do you get a different answer than you have been getting?  I know I did!

My answer is all those people that have become a part of my life – both personally and professionally!  The people and relationship I have accumulated over my 50 plus years on this planet gives value to everything I have in my life!!!

It’s people like you that take the time to read my blog, that ask the questions, that write the comments which I am THANKFUL.  Thank you for adding value and meaning to my life!  And, I look forward to adding more value to my life in the many years to come.

Try this in every areas of your life, not just at Thanksgiving.  I can guarantee you will get better results by applying this simple strategy!