With the first 3 steps of our business success formula completed you can now begin applying action to make your vision a reality.  But, haphazardly applying action will get you nowhere fast.  So, you need a business plan to create a “roadmap” toward your business success.

Use an operational plan for business success

So now I sound like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry out there telling you to write a business plan. Well not exactly, the kind of business plans I recommend are more like a project plan.  It’s more operationally focused.  Running your business is really just a project – right?  You have a set goal and objectives. You want to achieve them over the course of the year for your business success.   That’s the project!!!

In an earlier post title Creating Your Business Plan Made Easy, I give an overview of the process.  The first 3 steps, covering the “what” and “why” described in the process, are what I discussed in the previous 3 posts Find Your Passion, Create Your Business Vision, and Maximizing Your Resources Speeds Business Success.  Business planning is nothing more than organizing what you’ve learned in the revious 3 steps into a series of actions to achieve your goals.  I call it High Impact Business Planning.  It has more of an operational focus than a traditional business plan you’d prepare to get a loan from the bank.

The problem with a traditional business plan

Traditional business planning makes it difficult to extract exactly what needs to be done when and by whom.  The High Impact Business Plan gives you specific objectives and who is responsible for their achievement which provides accountability.  Additionally, a High Impact Business Plan gets rid of all the “fluff”.  Operational business planning makes it much easier to scan and understand what needs to get done.  You get a highly usable document to communicate at everyone level in the business. Now, everyone gets on the same page to create the business success.

If you’d like to get an example copy of the High Impact Business Plan, email me.  If after reviewing this you feel you need a little more help the check out our High Impact Business Plan online video training 24 x 7 and begin applying action to achieve results.