There are 3 mistakes I consistently see small businesses make that cause them problems with their marketing.  These are not “shoestring marketing” specific, but their impact to performance is magnified when using “shoestring marketing” tactics.

The first is lack of focus. Too often small businesses want to be all things to all people, or in this case markets. Marketing is all about focus, telling the right story to the right people. The broader you expand your focus the broader your message has to be to tell your story. Most people that do this think you’ll get more leads. The problem with this approach is the quality of the lead is far below standard. This means the sales team will spend more time qualifying (marketing) and less time selling ($$$).
The next problem is lack of a unique selling proposition or USP. Created correctly your USP helps you focus your message to exactly what your best customers want and how it makes them feel when they do business with you. Using this approach in communicating all your messages speaks directly to those prospects who want exactly that experience and brings them to your front door. Check out DE, Inc. online video training for developing a USP to help get your message focused.
Finally, not tracking and measuring what they are doing with their marketing efforts. You cannot manage what’s not measured. Tracking can be as simple as a tick sheet and asking where they heard about you when a contact is created. Over a 30 day period this gives you valuable information on what’s working and what’s not. Adjust you plan accordingly and begin to see immediate results. It’s that easy!
Again, this are not the only problems, they are the ones I see consistently. Let me know what you have seen yourself and join the conversation.

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