What Is a Self-Sustaining Business?

What Is a Self-Sustaining Business?

I talk about a creating self-sustaining business all the time.  In fact, it’s the core of the Business Growth Simplified business philosophy!

Assist small business owners in growing a self-sustaining business.

But, what does a self-sustaining business really look like?  And, how do you know that you’ve created one?

The test to determine if you have a self-sustaining business is a pretty easy one.

 Can you step away from your business right now and it will continue to generate a level of revenue and profitability that does not your impact lifestyle and that of your employees?

If the answer is YES, then you have created a self-sustaining business.  If the answer is NO, then you are not there yet.  You are “stuck  in nowhere land.”  You’re profitable, but your business needs you in order to create that profit!

A Self-Sustaining Business and the Business Growth Cycle

Man with Work on BackI sort of set the stage here.  If you’ve read my past posts on being stuck in “nowhere land” you already know that we’re talking about the Survival Stage of growth cycle.

Ok, so you know where you are, but what does where you want to be look like?  That would be the Self-Sustainability Stage of the growth cycle.

So why aren’t more business in the self-sustainability stage?  The main problem is the things that most people usually use to define business success, good revenue, a solid customer-base, a steady stream of business, and, most of all, good profit, are characteristics of the survival stage.

If you had all those things, wouldn’t you think that you were successful?  Of course you would.  I would say you were successful.

However, the success isn’t business success.  It’s personal success!!!

Business success comes with creating a self-sustaining business!  So, what does a self-sustainability stage business look like?

The main thing is its revenue, solid customer-base, steady stream of business and profits aren’t dependent on a person or set of key people.  All these things are created by business systems.   Systems allow you to lose and add people with little to no impact to the business.  Does that sound good you?

Systems of a self-sustaining businessThis is a big jump for a lot of business owners!  But, it is critical if you ever want to have business success and a self-sustaining business.

I find the hardest thing for most small business owners is finding their successor. Handing over the reins to someone else is hard for something that you’ve spent a large part of your years building.  But, it is a necessity if you ever want to sell or step away from your business.

Creating a self-sustaining business is what gives a business value.  Ask any business broker or trusted advisor involved in the process of a business sale, they’ll tell you it is the #1 thing true investors look for in a business!

So, how do you do it?  A good question and one addressed in 3 Steps to Creating a Self-Sustaining Business. Or, you can start applying it to your business by joining one of our Business Growth Simplified Memberships.



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    • Fred,

      A question that I am often asked. Unfortunately it is a very complex question. However, I think most people begin to understand the dynamics of finding those individuals when they begin understanding the stages of growth that a business goes through.

      If you don’t think you have that person yet then you are most likely in the “Survival Stage.” Check out more of the articles on the blog under that category and it may give you a better understanding of what’s ahead. http://yoursmallbusinessgrowth.com/category/small-business-growth/survival/

      Or, if you’d like to talk about it feel free to drop me a line.

      – Dino Eliadis

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