If you are a small business owners struggling with the growth of your business there are 3 potential strategic factors that are keeping you from small business growth.

  1. Do you fully understand your desired personal outcome for your business?
  2. Do you understand the cause and effect impact of your decisions on their business?
  3. Do you understand the primary goals of the small business growth cycle stages your business is currently in?

These 3 areas aren’t only critical to business success.  They form the steps to success for anything!

  1. Know where you’re going
  2. Understand from where you are starting
  3. Follow a proven route to get there

Growth Cycle

  • Each stage of growth cycle has one and only one primary goal.  Anything not focused on that primary goal is a distraction you from success.
  • Do not focus on strategies and tactics that are designed for future stages of growth or you add time and risk to your business’ growth.
  • Don’t try to do too much.   The wrong strategy consumes scarce resources and you will struggle as a result.

Business Management

  • Understand the basic metrics of your Revenue Engine.  They help you set unrealistic goals and objectives and help you get to your goal faster.
  • The model provides the facts you need to make better decisions.  Poor business decisions create unnecessary problems that distract you and consume limited resources from the primary goal, slow down your growth.

Owner Growth (business acumen)

  • You say you want to grow your business.  But, do you really?  Make sure you understand what growing your business really means.
  • If you just want to get your business to the level that it runs itself and creates financial independence for you and your family, there is nothing wrong with that.  But, you would build your business different to meet that goal rather than entering into the rapid growth stage.

It’s all possible given the right objective and road map that the small business growth matrix provides to help you along the way.  Download you copy and begin working toward your vision of success!