Businessman with World on ShouldersA few weeks back in my article title Answering the Hard Questions About Leadership, I asked the question “what is the nature of leadership?”  I received several dozen responses to the question via a variety of social media channels.

It was more than I expected.  Most seemed to agree with my belief, good leadership is about meeting the needs of your people.

There were a few that felt that meeting the organization’s objectives was critical.  And still others that felt that people are just cogs in the wheel and you don’t meet their needs.

I think it’s a pretty fair microcosm of professionals in large.  While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I think it’s safe to say that leadership is hard work!

I believe leadership is hard because it’s really a balancing act.  You need people to get the organization’s objectives accomplish.  If you cannot motivate people to do the work, then your only other avenue is to drive them like animals.  How long will this work!?

Servant Leadership Book CoverThis is why I found the message of James Hunter’s book the Servant Leader so inspiring.  It gave me the answer to what I had always just done because it seemed to be the right thing to do.  Serve those that you lead.  When their needs are met, your objectives get met as a by-product of them achieving their own!

This isn’t just a concept for leading your employees, vendors and suppliers.  It’s a concept you should use to motivate yourself.  It will help you to do the hard things you need to do to move your business forward.

When I begin working with a client I am more interested in what they want from life than I am what they want from their business.  What they want out of life gives them the passion they need to do whatever it takes with the business.

Let me give you an example, per one of the testimonials on our website:

“My husband and I have found our creative energy again, our team is more focused than ever and everyone working with us is energized and excited about achieving the clear goals we’ve laid out with DE, Inc.’s help.  The Goal Assessment and coaching system are different because we started with what truly makes us happy.  It makes you think about why you got into business in the first place, then helps you build your business around what you want out of life.  This way you’re not frustrated with your business.  I highly recommend DE, Inc. and The Goal Assessment to any business owner who’s frustrated with their business or life and wants to make it better.” – Carrie Rokosz, Owner

So, leadership isn’t just about leading the troops.  The same principles apply to you. The result is motivating yourself to do whatever is necessary to achieve the success you seek.

If you need assistance in figuring this out for yourself, check out our personal and business goal assessment.  It is a set of 25 – 30 very revealing questions that will help you focus on what’s really important in your life and business so that you begin doing what it takes to move your business forward.