A familiar annoyance in me was recently sparked by several small business owners I met. As I searched for a reason for their common behavior the conclusion was quite startling. It was startling because their behavior stemmed from the lack of two major skills for business success.  Yet many small business owners lack one and/or both of these critical skills.
The Thinker

The first skill is the ability to think strategically.   Most small business owners work very hard at their business. But, working hard does not necessarily translate into success. In fact, working hard on the wrong tactics actually has a detrimental effect wasting time, focus, and resources.

This is why thinking strategically is such a critical a skill for business owners.   They must be able to elevate their thinking to 50,000 feet viewing all aspects of their business internally and externally within their industry and market.   Strategic thinking allows the framework to be cast so that every action is focused with purpose toward the ultimate desired outcome for the business.

The second critical skill is the ability to convert their strategy into actionable tactics. Some owners do a great job at 50,000 feet. They paint an excellent picture of the entire business strategy, but they cannot turn the strategy into the necessary actions to create the desired outcome.

There is a great dichotomy between these two skills. Strategy requires a very broad and all encompassing view of every aspect of the business.  Tactics, on the other hand, require laser-focus on every possible detail for each individual piece of the strategy. Is it any wonder that so few small businesses are successful when such divergent skills are required?

To move your business forward you must be honest with yourself.  Do you lack one or both of these skills? Determine which you lack and find a partner to augment your weakness. Or, hire a coach to help you learn the skill(s). Either approach requires a change in your personal mindset. This can be difficult. But, if you can make the shift you can the success that you want.

So, begin thinking strategically and learn to convert your strategy into action.   Success is just on the other side of your change!